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Sku: 400.04030.020
Vendor: Prolimit


Mercury Freezip Steamer 6/4 DL FTM Hooded


Thermal ReboundTM Zodiac2plush inside lining, FTM TAPED SEAMS, Neolight heather 550+ Duotone 550+ limestone neoprene keeps you warm and comfortable during long sessions, without being limited in movability and performance on the water. The Mercury Hooded is a proven concept and the most versatile winter wetsuit. Thermal Rebound, the warmest suit ever... period. This technology goes back to the mid 1970’s where NASA developed the thermal blankets for their manned missions into space as insulation.

Since 2011 the same principle is used on all major sporting events where Athletes are draped in shiny silver blankets when they finish. Hypothermia is avoided and cramped muscles is reduced. Prolimit combined NEOPRENE and laminated this on the inside with a Thermal alloy material with on top the comfortable Zodiac2 Quick Dry lining. Creating the warmest wetsuit on the market today!

A fixed neoprene peak hood and FTM TAPED SEAMS. The asymmetrical YKK Free-X front zip eliminates water from coming in. Stretchy Neolight heather 550+ duotone limestone outside with minimised panel layout. Our Thermal Rebound and Zodiac2plush inside lining keeps you warm and comfortable during long cold sessions.

  • Neo tape inside seams
  • FTM Taped seams
  • Neolight dutone 550+ limestone neoprene
  • YKK Freezip, horizontal frontzip
  • Zodiac plush inside lining
  • Aqua flow Quick Dry inside lining
  • Thermal Rebound lining

Mercury Wetsuit Size Guide

Mercury Freezip Steamer 6/4 DL FTM Taped Wetsuit