• Red Paddle 106 Ride Inflatable SUP Board Package 2017 UK Store Scotland
  • Red Paddle 106 Ride Inflatable SUP Board Package 2017 UK Store Scotland
  • Red Paddle 106 Ride Inflatable SUP Board Package 2017 UK Store Scotland
  • Red Paddle 106 Ride Inflatable SUP Board Package 2017 UK Store Scotland
  • Red Paddle 106 Ride Inflatable SUP Board Package 2017 UK Store Scotland

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Red Paddle 10'6 Ride MSL Inflatable SUP 2017


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Red Paddle 10'6 Ride MSL Inflatable SUP 2017

Red Paddle 10'6 Ride MSL SUP Board 2017

If you are looking for a do-it-all inflatable SUP board then the Red Paddle Ride 10 6 should be your choice. It's by far the most popular SUP board in the world. And there is a list of reasons for that. For starters it's very versatile. It excels on flat water for general cruising and is very predictable in surf and offers excellent introduction to riding waves.

Red Padle Ride 10 6 UK Store Scotland Shop SUP Boards Red Paddle RideOne of the main reasons why we love the Ride is because of its versatility. It tracks straight no matter whether you're standing or kneeling. It's glide and manoeuvrability is great so cruising on flat water and even riding smaller waves is a breeze. Due to it's width it's also excellent for workouts or even yoga. It's also great choice for families with kids.

With Red Paddle Ride 10'6 being nearly indestructible you won't have to worry about things going wrong when being on the water too. Unlike some of the cheap Chinese clones, the Ride is made to last and to keep you safe at all times. Red Paddle even went an extra mile and recorded a video of Ride being thrown down from the roof of their warehouse, ran over by cars and tractors, thrown down onto rocks while also being bashed by surf. Needless to say it has survived. And that was 2 generations of the board back. With the new MSL technology it has not only became even more robust but also much lighter.

It's also a fantastic SUP board for beginners. Red Paddle Ride is superb for your first runs, it's very stable so standing up is extremely easy. Having said that it's one of the boards you won't outgrow too quickly or at least one that you will want to keep in your collection.

The 2017 model of Red Paddle Ride has also a new special screw thread that allows you to add various products from Ram Mounts - such as GoPro cameras, GPS devices, fishing rod holders and more. With Ram being one of the best manufacturers of different type of mountings it gives an extra assurance that your action camera with all its footage won't end up at the bottom of the ocean! The new RAM attachment point is located next to the front d-ring - 5 inches from the nose of the SUP board.

Red Paddle has also redesigned handles on the Ride boards to be more low profile and yet just as comfortable and easy to grab when needed. Remember the times you've inflated the board with the valve in the wrong position? Yeah, loosing air moments after pumping up in hassle are gone. If you read reminders that is - there are now inflation instructions next to the valve. Small things.

There are 3x integrated 6-inch wide by 4.25-inch deep moulded fins. The outside ones on Red Paddle Ride are at an angle to help with tracking and increased control. If by any chance you will bend them while packing up a warm water will help to get them back to the right shape.

The bag is just as awesome as in 2017. It's large enough to fit the Red Paddle Ride 10'6" nicely without being the Origami Master Champion. But also it's nice and compact to fit in your car with wheels for added comfort when traveling.

Red Paddle Ride 10 6 UK Red Paddle Co Store Red Paddle Ride 10'6" 2017The Titan Pump that comes with Red Paddle Ride 10'6" has also gone through some small changes. It's still a two-chamber construction speeding up the inflation of your SUP board. But this year Red Paddle has finally reinforced the handle. Which makes a massive difference if you aim to get out quite often as previous material wasn't as strong. Also, the pressure gauge now reads from 0 PSI. Previously the reading started, quite confusingly for some, at 5 PSI. Now... the manual says you can pump up the Ride 10'6" to whooping 30 PSI. But unless you are really in a need of a cardio workout the standard 16 to 23 PSI will do the trick.

Bottom line is that the 2017 Red Paddle Ride has seen some needed improvements over the last year's model. There has been some slight graphic changes too. However, it's still the same amazing all-round SUP board that everyone loves. So if you're getting started with SUP'ing or you need a do-it all board, the Ride is the right choice.

What's in the box?

At Red Paddle Co we like to think we offer more than just a authentic paddle board experience, with the 10'6" Ride you also get:

  • Red Paddle Co Backpack
  • The Awesome Titan Pump
  • Repair Kit
  • Water resistant phone case
  • FREE Alloy Paddle
  • FREE Leash

Let us know if you'll have any questions about the 2017 Red Paddle Ride 106, if you're looking for a different package or you found this board at a better price - we'll match it and throw in a freebie! Call us on 01506 429 914.

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