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Sku: rx-19-one-wht-6
Vendor: Ronix

Ronix One Metallic White 2019 Wakeboard Boots

The One Bindings have been a staple in the Ronix Line-Up, and it’s easy to see why. The Cable/Boat Crossover Flex makes it perfect for any condition!

The One Bindings for 2019 feature an Asymmetrical Flex, with a rating of 8. This custom flex pattern means that the inside of the boots flexes differently under pressure to the outside, in turn allowing for extra manoeuvrability when going for those huge tweaked out grabs. The Liner is fully custom mouldable to the shape of your foot, and will do so automatically after around 3-4 sessions.


  • Brainframe Technology: Hugs around your boot to provide a locked-in, responsive feel to your board.

  • SmoothSkin Lining: Providing easy entry to the boots, by giving you an easily-slidable platform in from the top.

  • Intuition Liner Liner is fully custom mouldable to the shape of your foot, and will do so after around 3-4 sessions.

  • Superfabric® Tongue Providing easy entry to the boots, by giving you an easily-slidable platform in from the top.

  • Quick Snap Laces: Easily Lockable Laces that stay tight no matter the number of laps you’re going out for.

  • Feetbelt

  • Autolock Technology

  • Totally Rad Foam

  • Mag Lock Beams

  • Front End Perforated Liner

  • Massi Pro Model

  • Ankle Shields

  • Flexform Heal and Ankle Panels

  • Flex Pattern: 7

  • Footbed Feel: Double Stuffed

RONIX FOOTWEAR: The only true custom fit wakeboard boots. The industry powerhouse in performance, fit, and comfort. The only company offering double lasted, custom moldable construction, delivering a fit like no other. With localized support and a customizable interchange, these boots can be tailored to your preferred riding style.

BRAINFRAME TECHNOLOGIES: One of our most extensive R&D undertakings, the BrainFrame is the first adaptive chassis with a conforming skeleton designed to fit perfectly around your foot as you pull the laces tight. A true footwear breakthrough in fit, function, and performance; the BrainFrame offers an integrated system of unique components designed to enhance the fit of our award winning, heat moldable Intuition liners.

INTUITION+: The pinnacle of custom fit boots. A heat moldable, custom fit liner, developed in partnership with Intuition. A level of fit and control found exclusively in a Ronix boot.

AUTOLOCK: Slide to lock, pull to release. Simplistic design with innovative components. Bullet-proof durability with a fully rotational locking wheel, featuring a soft-touch pull handle for easy release.

SUPER FABRIC: This armor plated fabric is the most abrasion resistant material we have ever tested. Applied on the tongue to prevent the laces from cutting and wear.

TOTALLY RAD FOAM: Full length footbed impact resistance, so your legs don’t get punished for charging hard.

DOUBLE STUFFED FOOTBED: Hard on the outside, soft on the inside, an underfoot combination rivaling milk and cookies. The double stuff footbed allows your foot to naturally cant inward without dictating a specific angle.


  • Adapts to the anatomical shape of the foot and lower leg. The pliable material selection allows for ultimate comfort and fit.Creates instant energy transfer from the laces directly to the board inserts, reducing rider fatigue and energy loss.
  • Engineered around our perfect foot last, creating a superior fit every time.
  • Accentuated heel pocket allows for improved performance and fit.
  • Centers foot over the top of the baseplate. Responsive lower foot support for those big landings.
  • Designed for closed toe boots



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