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Sku: R18PK-AC.9
Vendor: Ronix

Parks Bonifay’s hard charging, quick reacting rail design for riders that want instantaneous response on the water, along with a camber rocker line. Camber naturally puts you in more of a neutrally balanced weight distribution – allowing you to drive off the wake with both legs in a more ergonomically balanced body position.

Last year Ronix has fully redesigned their only men’s camber series with greatly increased glide speed and less drag on the water, a new Air Core featuring I-Beam Construction, and a thinner tip/tail for less swing weight and our fastest rail to rail design. Thought you knew everything a wakeboard could do? Camber is the biggest development in riding since Herb O’Brien made the first fiberglass wakeboard.

Key Features of the 2018 Ronix Parks Air Core 3 Wakeboard

- Camber Rocker
- I-Beam Air Core
- Sharp Rail/ Soft Bevel
- Increased Sidecut
- Parks Bonifay Pro Model

Riders Weight Indication

- 134 Up to 75kg
- 139 75kg and Up
- 143 85kg and Up

2018 Ronix Parks Aircore Features Explained

AIR CORE: In addition to having the least amount of swing weight she packs a mean punch in the lively department and has more contact and feel for boat riding than its predecessor with the addition of I-Beam.

I-BEAM: A second piece of glass wraps thru the core creating an additional strength point. So you have rigidity, unlike any other core we have made, still with the dampening qualities of fiberglass. The result is the snappiest construction with softer landing than any carbon board out there. The hole shot response of carbon - the feel of fiberglass.

MONOCOQUE: A wrapped glass from the bottom to the top so the flash line is no longer the weak point of the board - and is now the strongest. A more durable construction and a torsionally stiffer ride. Available on an abundance of everything at the Ronix plantation.

LOW FRICTION BASE: Developed for the most glide speed in high-end boat boards.

FUSE STRINGERS: The latest innovation for riders that want the ultimate flight pattern. Running verti-cally thru the length of the board, these stringers enhance the spinal chord for the most explosive take off we have ever designed in our 28 years of designing high-end wakeboards.