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Sku: rrd-evo-102
Vendor: RRD

RRD Air Evo 10'4 Inflatable SUP Board 2020


The new AIR EVO is the real inflatable board for everyone. Easy to be paddled and easy to be inflated and rolled up. Thanks to it’s special lightweight technology with a single PVC fabric stripe top and bottom to increase stifness and a lightweight drop-stitch body, the EVO SUP is the perfect choice for the family or for any type of use, from lakes to waves!


The second chamber also offers extra safety floatation for any emergencies.The split crocodile EVA pad make keeps the weight of board down, and the new diamond low-profile PVC tail pad guarantees best grip in case of radical change of direction.

The RRD Air Evo 10'4 SUP Comes complete with:

  • SUP Board 
  • Adjustable Premium  RRD 2-Piece Paddle
  • Leash 
  • US PLASTIC FIN 7/9’’ 
  • Lightweight Air Evo SUP Bag
  • RRD Premium SUP Pump