• Shinn ADHD Sunset 2017
  • Shinn ADHD Sunset 2017
  • Shinn ADHD Sunset 2017
  • Shinn ADHD Sunset 2017


Shinn ADHD Sunset 2017

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Shinn ADHD Sunset 2017

A familiar name it may be but the 2017 Shinn ADHD is an all new creation and this time, more than ever, this is a riders board. We took a step back and tried to identify the key features of a high performance freestyle machine, creating innovative solutions when needed and relying on proven technology where it matters most.

The vertical entry of our new Split Concave offers more edge grip when using smaller fins, increases the stiffness through the centre of the board and works to split the water on landing leading to much softer re-entries.

The Double Stepped Tips not only re-direct water as it exists the boards reducing drag but also increases the rocker in the centre of the deck. This rail to rail variable rocker provides a board that has fantastic upwind ability and light wind drive and yet retains the aggressive POP wake style riders are looking for.

Stiff enough to perform and yet comfortable enough to enjoy riding in “less than ideal” conditions the all new Shinn ADHD Sunset has a proven competition heritage and is a treat for the aspiring freestyler and wakestyle aficionado alike.

Key Features:

  • Split Concave - 90 degree entry for improved edge grip at speed and buttery smooth landings.
  • Double Stepped Tips improve carving POP whilst maintaining upwind drive
  • Constant Curve Rocker creates confidence inspiring control in all conditions

The 2017 Shinn ADHD Sunset comes in following sizes:

  • 137 x 41 – optimized for lighter riders in boots and all riders with straps
  • 140 x 43 – optimized for use with boots and larger riders with straps

Supplied with 43mm BITE fins but rides without for use on features