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Sku: shinn-k-foil-1
Vendor: Shinn


Shinn Model K 2019 (V2) Kitesurf Hydrofoil


Early starting, stability, great pitch control and amazing carving. It reads like a shopping list for your next foil but the Shinn Model K really does do it all. Once you’ve mastered the impossibly easy to learn on Model P foil the Model K represents Shinn's vision for the step-up, perfect x-over, multi purpose foil.


Designed for improver (capable of making 50m or more foiling runs) to advanced foilers, extremely well suited for transitions, carving, strapless and all round freeriding

Medium High Aspect Wing - 866 cm 2

ST2 G10 Stabiliser - 240cm2

If you’re riding your Shinn P with ease but not looking to make life hard for yourself by moving onto a high speed, high technique dependant free race foil the Model K was developed for you and was designed to ensure your progress remains as fast and painless as your progression on the Shinn Model P was. Impressive low speed starting and a high AOA stall resistance means you don’t need the footwork of a ballerina to master tricky transitions or footswitches and yet lock it down and pour on the power and the Model K accelerates and tracks assuredly up until speeds in excess of 50 kph.

Strapless action, light wind cruising, transition mastery – a massive functioning speed range and easy pitch control mean the Model K fulfils the needs of even the most advanced foilers looking for something other than just flat out speed.

Versatile Speed range
Take off around 12 kph with top speeds >50 kph

Multiple Mast Lengths
Available with 40, 60, 75 or 90 cm mast (recommended mast is 90cm)

Strike Resistant Design
Top mounting for the delicate composite wings protects them from accidental bottom strikes

Quik-Fit plate
Fast and easy foil attachment to any board (165 x 90 bolt spacings)

Deep socket M6/M8 compatible plate
Deep socket for extra stiffness you can use this foil with M8 or M6 mounting hardware

Modular Design
Fuselage compatibility with all other Shinn wings and stabilisers