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Vendor: Shinn

An instant hit when launched in 2014 the Shinnster never fails to put a smile on your face regardless of the conditions. For 2019 we took a step back to see what we could tweak and improve to make this the favourite 2nd board for every rider. What is the Shinnster? It’s not a wave board and it’s not a skimboard... The Shinnster is a kiteboard designed for strapless riding. Flat water skate style, small onshore wave playing, no fins, 80mm fins… There are no rules, grab it and do whatever comes to mind. Maintaining the rocker and flex pattern from the original this overhaul makes the Shinnster more compact and “trickable” without influencing the critical rail length needed to achieve the powerful upwind and drive it’s famous for. Our all new Jet Stream tail channels increase the tail grip whilst using smaller fins to provide a better balance of sliding skate style moves and a more aerial style. Supplied with 53mm fins, add the new 3D shaped deck pad and 80mm fins to tune your ride how you like it. The all new Shinnster is not only fun to ride but surprisingly easy to get the best out of too. Don’t confuse this board with other similar looking concepts out there, this is a high performance ride that works in a huge array of conditions. 



Jump proof technology
Jump it all you like, a strapless freestyle board that’s fit for purpose

Jet stream tail channels
More grip in the tail that doesn’t interfere with skate style tricks 

Wax or Pad
Factory applied 3D deck pad available as optional extra

Full wood core
The best strength to weight ratio available with long lasting durability

BITE Hi-Visibility 53 mm fins
Optoflex moulded composite fins for superior profile accuracy and lighter weight. 80mm fins available as optional extra

Adaptive Rocker
High flex rocker design gives outstanding performance in all water conditions

2 year warranty
Peace of mind with our 2 year manufacturing defect warranty (conditions apply) 

150 x 45