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Slingshot 2017 Compstick Bar with Sentinel

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Slingshot 2017 Compstick Bar with Sentinel

Slingshot 2017 Compstick Bar with Sentinel

Slingshot has introduced the over-the-bar depower Sentinel systems back in 2016. And from our perspective it was about time! Trying to pull in on the below the bar depower on a fully lit kite was always a massive struggle. And as much we have a group of Slingshot true-believers they also found the new system much more comfortable. Thanks Slingshot!

The 2017 bar hasn't seen any drastic changes apart from design. Slingshot has made some minor improvements to grips, floats, changed the safety leash and bar ends. Other than that it's the same awesome bar that has won so many riders last year.

Slingshot is using the same, super strong high-tenacity 800lb test flying lines, made in the USA. And comes in three sizes, here's the breakdown:

  • 17-inch bar with 20 meter lines for small kites (4-7meters).
  • The new universal 20-inch bar, which can be used with any Slingshot kite and comes with with 20-meter lines installed and 3-meter extensions.
  • 23-inch bar with 27 meter lines for larger kites (13-17meters).

If you have any questions about the 2017 Slingshot Compstick Bar, kite and bar packages or if you want to call in for a general kitesurfing chat give us a shout on 01506 429 914.