• Slingshot Solo Wakeboard - 2018
  • Slingshot Solo Wakeboard - 2018 - 138
  • Slingshot Solo Wakeboard - 2018 - 142
  • Slingshot Solo Wakeboard - 2018 - 146


Slingshot Solo Wakeboard - 2018


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Slingshot Solo Wakeboard - 2018

Slingshot Solo Wakeboard - 2018

Whatever Dylan Miller says or thinks is cool usually ends up being cool. The way he stands, the hats he wears, and of course the boards he rides. It’s funny considering he’s just some guy from the middle of nowhere Canada who has an obsession for perfectly packed suitcases and super clean station wagons. Dylan’s car doesn’t have room for two wakeboards, so we had to build him one that would be perfect for all the places he rides. Hence, the "Solo".

It’s all he needs to get the job done, whether he’s having a heyday out on the boat or heading out to the park for some laps. With a 3-stage rocker pattern and rigid belly it feels more like the wake hits you when riding boat, and in the park, well, Dylan has basically crushed it there since the arrival of his new shape.


Skill Level: Intermediate - Expert

Flex: Stiff Belly > Soft Tips


138cm/ 42.55cm
142cm / 42.7cm
146cm / 43cm

Package includes:

  • Solo Board
  • 4 - .75" x 6" (1.9 x 15.2cm) Wake Fins

Solo Highlights

  • Lock into presses like never before with Flex Tip Technology
  • High-performance design for high-level riders
  • Great traction when riding finless
  • Excels at both park and boat riding
  • Narrow profile great for carving

Solo Characteristics:

The Solo is a completely new crossover board designed by pro rider Dylan Miller and legendary Slingshot shaper Tony Logosz. Never before have we been able to incorporate so many unique performance features into one board. The Solo is the first of a whole new breed from Slingshot. It is a board that appeals to every riding environment. Tapered Flex Tip Technology creates an entirely new sensation for riding rails by allowing the rider to lock into presses without having to fight the rigidity of the board.

Subtle channels located between the feet help to increase traction and stiffen the belly, giving the Solo more immediate pop off the wake, while the center V-Spine helps break up water tension for big landings, both behind the boat and in the park. The Solo also has a noticeably narrower outline shape, giving it more of a snow feel.

Our Carbon Bedrock Inserts are the strongest and lightest mounting system in Slingshot history and utilize the industry-standard M6 hardware. Reinforced by patches of carbon fiber, the four-pack inserts are ridiculously strong, but remain flexible, which allows for an uninterrupted flex pattern. When paired with 2018 Slingshot Bindings, they allow for stance widths ranging from 19-25 inches (on center).

Continued in 2018, Slingshot is proud of the most advanced flex technology in the industry. Based around our renowned vertically laminated wood core, these tapered flex tips allow for a stiffer belly, bringing the flex farther out towards the tip and tail for a press experience only available from Slingshot.

Our Ballistic Park Base utilizes the most durable material on the market and is designed to withstand the abuse of the world’s hardest-charging riders. Whether you’re on metal, wood, plastic, dirt or grass, you have our permission to go Ballistic with our base material.




138cm - 42.55cm/28.4cm(T/T) - 2.4" Rocker - Up to 161 lbs - 7 lbs board weight
142cm - 42.7cm/29cm(T/T) - 2.8" Rocker - Up to 189 lbs - 7.5 lbs board weight
146cm - 43cm/29.5cm(T/T) - 3" Rocker - Up to 217 lbs - 7.9 lbs board weight