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Sku: slg18-tyrant-6
Vendor: Slingshot

The 2018 Slingshot Tyrant is a high-performance board best suited for aggressive, down-the-line wave riding. The Tyrant’s slender short board profile is designed for high-powered, high-speed, high-performance wave riding. Its rocker profile and rounded squash tail favor aggressive heel-toe edging, snap off the lip and lockedin bottom turns.

Package includes:

  • Slingshot Tyrant 2018 Surfboard
  • 3 X 4.75" (12cm) Reactor FCS II Fin setup
  • no footstraps are included with 2018 Slingshot boards

The Slingshot 2017 Tyrant is a classic short surfboard profile designed for hard-charging, down-the-line performance, big wave conditions, high speeds and high-powered locked-in carving. The Slingshot Tyrant excels with aggressive riders who can take full advantage of its slender profile, snappy turns and high-speed capabilities.

Slingshot 2017 Tyrant Key Features:

  • Classic short board shape for dedicated surfers 
  • Aggressive heel-toe edging 
  • Ride fast, carve hard, pull into steep waves 
  • More snap, more pivot w/ rounded squash tail 
  • Best option for hard-charging surfers

6’0” X 18 1/4” X 2 7/4”