• Smik E-Sea Rider SUP Board
  • Smik eSea Rider SUP Board
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Smik eSea Rider SUP Board

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Smik eSea Rider SUP Board

The Smik E-Sea Rider and Leilani are your perfect entry level boards for the fact they make everything very easy. From carrying to the water, to your first strokes, to catching your first wave.

They're very STABLE with ample volume and width, so even if the water isn't smooth, your ride will be.

The rocker is the perfect blend of good glide for flat water paddling and catching a wave easilly, but enough for smooth, effortless turning when surfing.

As you get better, the subtle design points of outline, double concave bottom, thruster set up and kicker on the tail pad will become appreciated. They are actually more than competent longboard style surf SUPS which more advanced rider will enjoy.

Smik E-Sea Rider SUP Board Beginners UK SUP Store

Constructed with unique COMPRESION MOULDING by IQC, they are accurate, DURABLE shapes:

- Bamboo decks,
- PVC reinforced standing areas/finbox/leash plug.
- Extra reinforced impact areas of rails nose and tail being extremely tough.
- Durable paint resilient to wearing off and chipping.

SMIK entry level boards come in three sizes and two colour combinations.

10'9 x 33 - (196 L) Extremely stable longer board for heavier rider or multiple family members

10'3 x 32 - (177 L) Mid length for better glide, up to 110kg riders

9'7 x 32 - (150 L) Shorter length for easier handling on land and water. up to 95kg