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Sku: 25872
Vendor: Starboard

Introducing the Straboard Wedge range – the ultimate combination of surfing like a pro while enjoying the ease and comfort of a wider board. With a width of 32 inches, these boards are designed to provide top-notch surfing performance without sacrificing stability, allowing you to surf with precision and enjoyment for extended periods.

The narrow nose of the Wedge range facilitates generating more speed on the wave and enables easier turns without catching the nose. The pulled-in tail makes the board highly responsive and maneuverable, giving you full control when stepping back to turn. The thin rails enhance turning performance, making it effortless for you to turn on the rail with minimal effort, creating a fantastic sense of responsiveness.

These boards are incredibly versatile, suitable for surfing in various conditions, from big to small waves. The larger sizes even allow you to explore SUP surfing for the first time.


Which Starboard Wedge is a board for you?

8’0” x 32” Nimble, agile, and compact, perfect for lighter riders or those seeking added maneuverability and performance. With an outline 7 inches shorter than the 8’7” model, it fits tighter in the pocket and critical sections of the wave. Its shorter length also makes it easier to rotate and less likely to get caught during turns.

8’7” x 32” Short, stable, and sensitive, this board excels in explosive tight turns due to its short and compact length with a wide and stable outline. The thin rails provide the responsiveness of a narrower board, similar to the Airborn and Longboard ranges. The 8’7” offers stability while allowing you to rip through your sessions.

9’2” x 32” This board impresses with its control and responsiveness, replacing the 9’5” Wide Point. The slightly shorter length makes it easier to rotate turns, fit into critical sections of the wave, and reduces swing weight for maneuverability. Thin rails create a super-responsive, reactive, and sensitive board, requiring less foot pressure to initiate turns. The pin tail aids in driving through bottom turns and quickly lifting the nose in top turns.

10’2” x 32” A fast, reactive, and controlled size, easy to engage and sink the tail due to its pin tail shape. It creates faster bottom turns and top turns with more drive. The 10’2” glides swiftly into waves, displaying ultra-responsiveness in small surf and maintaining control in bigger and steeper drops. The double concave in the mid-point and V on the tail enable easy rail-to-rail turning. This all-round size provides a great balance of glide for cruising, comfortable stability from the width, and solid surfing performance from the narrow nose and tail.

11’2” x 32” A versatile cruising board with the fastest glide and smooth carving. Ideal for longer distance paddles and early wave entry due to its extra stable ride and easy glide. It serves as a super accessible option for riders seeking stability for learning and progression in smaller surf, accommodating riders up to 115kg. The board offers user-friendly and reactive turning from the midpoint, ensuring excellent performance.

Choose the Wedge board that suits your preferences and experience level, and elevate your surfing adventures to new heights!