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WOO Sports

WOO 2 Sports - Kite, Wake and Snow


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WOO 2 Sports - Kite, Wake and Snow

WOO 2 Sports - Kitesurfing, Wake and Snowboard Tracker

WOO 2.0 is an interactive game that connects riders in kiteboarding and wakeboarding around the world. Record every jump, save your session, challenge friends, and explore spots, all on WOO App for iOS and Android. Start riding with WOO and push your riding to new heights!

Here's some new stuff the WOO team has packed their 2.0 sensor with. These are in addition to all the 1.0 version features including: height (doh!), airtime, landing g-force, cumulative stats (i.e. all your totals and how much closer to the moon you've got over time!):

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WOO 2.0 = Improved Quality and Durability
Big and small changes have been made to WOO 2.0 to make it more robust and significantly reduce the number of warranty claims. There has been added an additional layer of marine grade epoxy to better protect electronics inside the WOO 2.0 against water. Since April 2016 - not a single WOO from the new series has failed due to water damage.

WOO 2.0 = New (Eco-Friendly) Packaging
WOO 2.0 comes with a new eco-friendly packaging. It's 100% recyclable. No more wasted plastics. It stills comes with a mount, charger, WOO 2.0 sensor, quick start guide, WOO sticker and alcohol wipe.

WOO 2.0 = Trick Detection Technology
It took us almost a year of testing and gigabytes of data collection but we are very proud to announce that we developed a revolutionary way to capture and score tricks in kiteboarding and wakeboarding. We developed a machine learning system that identifies the trick performed, and scores it based on its difficulty, how big you went, and how well you landed it.

The new Freestyle mode in WOO Kite is a complete new way to get all kiteboarders excited about freestyle again and get them to stomp their best trick and progress to the next level. The tricktionary (a library of all tricks) helps riders to progress and reach new heights. Get to the next level by completing your next trick and keep on pushing.

WOO 2.0 Kite Wake Device UK WOO Store WOO Shop WOO Device

Track Your Progression
Every jump from every session is recorded to help you track your riding over time. See your riding progress as you log new tricks, and boost your trick scores!

Challenge Friends
Challenge your friends around the world to keep the competitive vibes flowing every day of the week. Follow friends and track all their session to see how they’re keeping up!

Check the leaderboards to see where you stand: King of your local spot? National leader on a specific trick? Or best rider in your groups of friends? Where will you claim the top-spot!?

Ride, Upload, Share
When you're back at the dock, sync up your WOO 2 via Bluetooth with your phone and download your session report!

Use Hashtags (#)
What gear were you riding? What obstacles did you hit? What's the name of your team? Simply add a hashtag to your session description to create a custom leaderboard!



Be Amongst the first in the world to start logging sessions and competing on the global leaderboards. You can download the WOO Sports apps both for iPhone and Android smartphones!




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Describe your product in 3 words.

Kiteboarding Performance Tracker

Where did you get the inspiration for WOO Sports Device?

We're kiteboarders and we love technology, so we were almost inevitably gravitated to the intersection of the two, which is where Woo is at. What made us pull the trigger is the realisation that action sports as a whole has a big problem - there is no objective measurement of performance. That's when our entrepreneurial mindset kicked in and decided that we need to quit our day to day jobs to solve this problem, and Woo was born.

What differentiates your product from similar products out there?

Our product is highly specialized, and hence much more accurate than anything else out there. Beyond that, we really focus on bringing the community together in the Woo platform, and creating an exciting and engaging user experience with things like leaderboards, challenges etc.

Tell us about the best and most challenging parts of the creation process of WOO Device.

The best part is an easy answer, we are driven by a very deep passion for what we do. Working on a tech startup in action sports is pretty much a dream come true. Of course, it does not come without challenges. Our product requires a lot of sophistication, and it is hardware. Going through the motions of bringing all the different pieces together in this tiny device, and within the short timeframe we had, was definitely a huge challenge for us.

WOO 2.0 Kite and Snow

WOO Sports review from The Kiteboarder Magazine:

"Post session or anytime you want to see your results, just open the app and go to “MY WOO” to download your session. You can make a few notes about it, snap a cover photo of your spot and set your location. After you save the session, it gets uploaded automatically to the WOO leaderboards. Tip: Rinse and dry your WOO to protect it from the salt water, much like when you rinse your lines. Also WOO only takes 90min to charge so if you have a car USB charger, plug it in en route to the beach and should be ready to go for a full day of kiting! Overall, I think its a super fun toy and pretty neat that with the WOO tracker, it’s basically a big air competition 24 hours a day anywhere in the world!" - read more on thekiteboarder.com

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