• YOW Amatriain 33" Cruiser
  • YOW Amatriain 33" Cruiser


YOW Amatriain 33" Cruiser

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YOW Amatriain 33

YOW cruisers (Your Own Wave) were invented for street surfing. The unique truck system allows you to apply all your surf skills to the streets. Perfect for every skill level from beginners looking to practice their new skills to expert surfers looking to get their fix while the surf is flat. Take your skills to the streets and ride the endless concrete wave.

Ibon Amatriain.
It is recognized as the best European big wave surfer for two decades. His approach and vision of this sport has been faultless. It's known by the nickname "Sensei," which means "teacher" in the martial arts. With his philosophy, humility, good work and focus from their experience in the world of surfing, he has taught several generations.

Riding style
This board is primarily a typical oldschool cruiser but, with a combination of different trucks, is also capable of a few casual tricks or the odd bowl session, as well as long cruises along the beachfront or through the streets.



  • 33” x 10” Wheel Base 20”
  • Low Bat Tail
  • 7 Plies U.S.A. Hard Rock Maple
  • Coloured Plies
  • Jessup Griptape


  • CALIBER 8.5” Standard/ Silver
  • 92A Blood Orange Ultra-HR Formula Bushings
  • Cone & Barrel
  • 11/16” Black Allen Bolts
  • 5/8” Black Allen Bolts
  • 2” Black Allen Bolts
  • 28MM Black Rubber Riser Pad


  • 60X40mm 83A Red
  • Abec 7 Black Bearings
  • Spacers


  • 3 Springs Included
  • 5mm Diameter/ Hard
  • 4mm Diameter/ Medium
  • 3mm Diameter/ Soft
  • Axial Needle Bearing
  • Ball Bearing 51100
  • YOW System Patented