• YOW Cloud Nine Court 30" Cruiser
  • YOW Cloud Nine Court 30" Cruiser
  • YOW Cloud Nine Court 30" Cruiser


YOW Cloud Nine Court 30" Cruiser

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YOW Cloud Nine Court 30

YOW Cloud Nine Court 30" Cruiser: This board has the same feeling than a small surfboard, perfect for kids or for someone who is looking for something portable and reactive.



  • 30” x 9.5” Wheel Base 17”
  • Low Kick Fish Tail
  • 7 Plies U.S.A. Hard Rock Maple
  • Coloured Plies
  • Jessup Griptape


  • CALIBER 8.5” Standard/ Silver
  • 92A Blood Orange Ultra-HR Formula Bushings
  • Cone & Barrel
  • 11/16” Black Allen Bolts
  • 5/8” Black Allen Bolts
  • 2” Black Allen Bolts
  • 28MM Black Rubber Riser Pad


  • 60X40mm 83A Yellow
  • Abec 7 Black Bearings
  • Spacers


  • 3 Springs Included
  • 5mm Diameter/ Hard
  • 4mm Diameter/ Medium
  • 3mm Diameter/ Soft
  • Axial Needle Bearing
  • Ball Bearing 51100
  • YOW System Patented

The YOW System Allow you to mount two different wheel base in your skateboard/ 16,2”-17”

The YOW truck is made for street surfing, However, if you want to block the YOW truck, you only have to add the YOW-locking-screw and tighten it up. By doing this, you are going to get your YOW truck behave like a regular cruiser skateboard, if you so desire.

You only need a standard skateboarding tool to set up your YOW system. Every nut and bolt of the YOW system can be tighten up or loosened with a standard skateboarding tool (Regular T-Tool with nut, kingpin and allen wrenches) Actually ,only one tool is needed to  assemble or disassemble the whole YOW system.