Skymonster Kitesurfing and SUP Trip to Tiree, May 2016 - Skymonster Watersports

Skymonster Kitesurfing and SUP Trip to Tiree, May 2016

There are some places you're happy to come back to time and time again. A small island of Tiree just off the Scottish coast is certainly one of them. Magnificent beaches, strong winds and this amazing chilled vibe that makes you come back for more.

Airush Union Kitesurfing Kite Store UK

Typically however we get tons of nuking winds and rain as well as all the above. This time around it was properly scorching with tons of sun and over 25 degrees every single day. We've managed to test a lot of gear from F-One (Mitu 5'8" board and F-One Bandit), Airush (the amazing Union kite), Shinn (Monk and Ultrasonic) and Ozone (the explosive C4 kites). We've also took the Starboard and Red Paddle Ride boards with us which saved the couple of windless yet superbly sunny days.

Take a moment to see it through our eyes below... and come to visit!



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