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Fast high-performance wings, that offer a new level of performance potential for riders to exploit. While they deliver amazing performance characteristics, they are relatively easy for competent riders to excel on.

Each member of the ARTPRO Range is a wing in its own right, not simply scaled versions of its closest sibling. All the ARTPRO's share the following:

  • An extended elliptical outline.
  • A straight median line for better turning and control.
  • Narrower chords for lower drag overall.
  • Less overall turn down especially in the tips.
  • Less complicated shapes in general.
  • Lower drag foil section on the smaller versions.

ARTPRO foils are ideally matched with our Black Advance fuselage and Skinny rear wing ranges.

Axis ART PRO wings specs sizes

Axis ART PRO - Skymonster Watersports