The Onewheel Pint and Pint X took the world by storm and now that new Onewheel GT has arrived to replace its little brother the original XR.  We love everything about these magic hoverboards or one wheeled skateboards!  It is the closest we can get to the Back to the Future moment, and that freeing sensation you feel when you are gliding along must be experienced for yourself. 

 We offer instore demos, and we all ride these babies, so if you have any questions, need a comparison, or want to chat about Onewheels feel free to drop into our shop in Edinburgh or give us a call, we would be more than happy to help!

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Onewheel Pint X

Onewheel Pint X is now faster and offers longer rides. We absolutely loved the original Pint but this little thing became a beast in the newest iteration. The difference in...

Onewheel Pint

The Onewheel Pint is the Onewheel we've all been waiting for. Smaller and lighter than it's bigger brother, the Pint is the ultimate fun-sized stoke machine that will take you...

Onewheel GT

The Onewheel GT is a pinnacle of technology and we're absolutely in love with ours. Building on an enormous success of previous models, Onewheel GT has been built from ground-up...

Onewheel+ XR

Onewheel+ XR Onewheel+ XR is the way. It's the closest thing we'll get to riding a hoverboard - get ready for Marty McFly jokes when you float past others. It feels...

Onewheel S1 Retro Helmet

Something we can't stress enough - wear a lid! Make sure it's the right lid too - all decent make bike and skate helmets will be suitable but double check...

OneWheel Deep Shack Rack Stand

Got your OneWheel XR or OneWheel Pint? Loads of fun, right? Until you get home and need to lay it down on the floor or a rug. Yeah, those stains...

OneWheel XR Carbon Fender

Nothing screams AWESOME more than Carbon. We know it, you know it, your aunty knows it. It's durable thanks to layers of carbon fibre and rubber gaskets absorbing bumps and...
£145.00 £125.00

Onewheel Wave Stand

Because your Onewheel deservers better than being left on the floor. It takes care of you out there so it would be nice to return the favour. The Onewheel Wave...

OneWheel XR Home Hypercharger

Don't have the time to wait when charging up the OneWheel XR? Here comes the Hypercharger. Name seems tacky? It's not cause it's true! The new XR Home Hypercharger hyperjuices your...

OneWheel Pint & Pint X Fender

Customise your OneWheel Pint with a Fender! Why would you need one? First of all it makes the ride much more enjoyable - it stops all the debris and dust...

Onewheel Pint Surestance Footpads

Got a lot of action on your Onewheel Pint you need some new pads? Or you just want more control? These bad boys have been made in a premium wood...

Onewheel XR Surestance Footpads

Did your Onewheel XR footpads worn off after hitting thousands of miles? No problemo, we've got you covered with these new, shiny Surestance pads. Both front and back footpads are...

Onewheel XR Fender

One of the first things you really need to get is the Onewheel Fender. It keeps all the mud and stones from hitting your pants, stance pads and ending up...
£87.00 £55.00

Onewheel Pint Car Charger

Going to the spot but your Onewheel Pint is at 40%? Plug it in and suck the juices out of your four wheels! Weirdly enough, the Car Charger works faster...

Onewheel Pint Ultracharger

Let's face it - none of us is really patient. No matter what you put down in your CV, when you're ready to walk out the door and your Onewheel...

Onewheel Trucker Hat

When off your Onewheel keep your head protected from the elements with the Onewheel Trucker Hat. One size fits all.