Looking for kitesurfing specific bindings or boots?  We have you covered from Shinn, Ronix, Naish, Cabrinha to Mystic!
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Duotone Entity Ergo Bindings

The skeleton of a foot consists of 28 bones. The foot bones can be divided into following groups: tarsal bones, metatarsal bones and phalanxes. 20 muscles and over 114 tendons...

Duotone Boot - Kitesurfing

If you’re riding in boots, you know what’s your style. And for exactly that style, this completely new designed Duotone Boot 2020 is especially made for! By utilizing the benefits...

Duotone Entity Ergo 2024

The human foot comprises a complex structure of 28 bones, organised into three main groups: tarsal bones, metatarsal bones, and phalanxes. Supporting these bones are a network of 20 muscles...