Wetsuit hoods from the leading manufacturers including Mystic, Ion and Neilpryde. 
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Mystic Neoprene Beanies 2mm

    Made from the premium 2mm M-Flex neoprene beanie for those colder days that don't require full-hood.   FEATURES- Flatlock stitching - Attachment loop for wetsuit connection FABRICS- M-Flex...

Mystic Supreme Hood - 3mm

  Want the best protection from wind harsh conditions when being out on the water? We've tried loads of hoods over the years and nothing protects as good as Mystic's...

Mystic Majestic Kitesurfing Impact Vest

  Mystic Majestic Kitesurfing Impact Vest Whether you're learning basics of kiteboarding, you're throwing unhooked freestyle moves or getting into kite loops the Majestic Impact Vest from Mystic will be...

Mystic Marshall Hood 3mm

  Thank god the water isn't always freezing. Especially for those windy autumn sessions a different hood might come in handy. Take a look at the Marshall Hood. It will...