If you are looking for complementing accessories for your day on the water or a Birthday or Christmas present then look no further than our SUP accessories. From buoyancy aids to drybags we have you covered.
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Spinlock Alto Belt Flotation Buoyancy Device

Designed for paddleboarding, kayaking, powerboating, fishing and a wide range of water sports the ALTO is a lightweight, compact, inflatable flotation device worn around the waist. Manually operated, the inflatable tube is...

Mystic Floatation Buoyancy Vest - SUP and Kite

Mystic's high quality floatation vest designed to keep you safe on your SUP adventures or when kitesurfing. The crotch strap stops the vest from riding up when in the water and...

STX Electric SUP Pump - Including Battery

STX Electric SUP Pump As much as pumping up your SUP board is a great way to warm up it's also pretty exhausting. This electric SUP pump will get your...

C-Monsta V2 - 2023 - Wetsuit and Accessories Drying Hanger

Our favourite wetsuit drying hanger just got better with the release of V2 version with a wider mouth, more accessory hooks, stiffer top hook and a rounder wetsuit rail. The...

Spinera SUP3 12v Electric Pump - 20PSI MAX

Spinera electric SUP Pump gets your paddleboard pumped up to 20psi in no time. Thanks to a 2 stage pumping system, it starts with high-volume mode to fill up the...
£88.00 £72.95

Ion Booster X Vest Side Zip - SUP and Kite

The Booster X Vest SZ offers extra buoyancy along with more handy features like pockets, and a drinking bladder fixture. Forever pushing innovation and design, we take pride in the...

Spinera Electric SUP Pump with Battery

Even though pumping up your SUP is a good warmup sometimes having a helping hand won't hurt. The Spinera electric SUP pump will inflate your paddle board while you change...

Ion Dry Bag - 33 litres

Keep your phone, camera, clothes and other necessities dry with the Ion Dry Bag. Ideal solution for paddleboarding, kayaking and other water activities. Comes with a double shoulder strap on the...

SUP Fin Screw and Nut - Replacement

Replacement SUP Screw with Nut - works with all inflatable SUP boards with this type of fin attachment. Material: 316 medical stainless steel.

Axis Coil Leash - Waist SUP/ Foil

The AXIS 8′0 Coiled Waist Leash is a comfortable leash which ensures that excess length od leash is kept from dangling behind your board and foil. It will also stay...

Ion SUP Paddle Bag

Adjustable SUP Paddle bag to keep your precious stick nice and safe. Well padded inside with a handy pocket for accessories. Size: Adjustable Nylon 600D Tarpaulin Silver PE on outside bottom...

Spinera SUP2 12v Electric Pump - 16PSI MAX

- SUP High Pressure- Pump features automatic stop function- small innovative design- digital LCD and touch buttonMaterial: ABS + PAVoltage: DC 12VPressure: 16PSIAccessories: 3m Cable, one hose 100cm with one...

Fanatic Double Action HP8 SUP Pump

The Fanatic Power HP8 SUP pump is suitable for all iSUPs, especially for high-end boards that require higher board pressure. The pump can be quickly switched from single stroke to...

Ion SUP/Wing Coiled Hip Safety Leash

ION SUP Core Safety Leash includes Hip Belt and is designed for use in surf or flat water and is a durable leash from ION compatible with all Surf Stand...
£79.99 £62.95

Surflogic Wetsuit Pro Dryer

Get your wetsuit dry and toasty in as little as 20 minutes! So long putting on a we wettie! Designed for fast drying Able to dry your wetsuit in 20...

ESEA Strap Rapid Release SUP Waist Leash

The Rapid Release Waist Belt is specifically designed for free-flowing water conditions, ensuring a quick and easy release from your board or leash in case of emergencies. In the past...
£47.99 £38.95