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Moses Sabfoil Kit 82 Onda 1100 - W1100 M82

It's probably the most universal wing foling and windsurfing foiling setup out there. The 1100 front wing is amazingly easily to pump allowing for endless rides. It's also highly manoeuvrable and...

Naish S26 Jet 2000 Foil

  The new Naish S26 Jet 2000 is one of our all time favourite foils for wing surfing and SUP Surfing. Low take-off speeds combined with superior stability once up...

AK Surf Foil 2000 - WingSurfing - Wing Foiling

The 2000cm foil from AK is one of our favourite big wings out there. It's not only a superb tool to learn how to wing foil but it makes progression...
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AK Trek Foil - Wing Foil

The smooth lift engages intuitively while remaining incredibly stable through slow and nervous first flights to powered, confident higher loads and speeds. Smooth and agile when needed around corners it's...

SAB Foil - Moses Kite and Wing Foil Masts

A selection of SAB Foil Masts for Wing Foiling and Kitesurfing for all levels and styles of riding. If you're unsure which one's for you feel free to get in...

SAB Foil Moses Kit 82 - W950 Onda

The W950 front wing is one of the most versatile wing foiling setups out there. It's a little sister to our favourite large 1100 wing (2100cm2) that keeps the same...

Naish S25 Jet 2450 Foil

  The Naish S25 Jet 2450 wing is the ideal choice for larger surfers surf foiling as well as SUP, downwind and Wing-Surf foiling.  FOIL SURFING/DOWNWIND FOILING/WING-SURFING The Jet 2450...

Naish S26 Jet HA Foil

The S26 Naish Jet HA foils are designed for advanced and semi-advanced foilers looking to push their performance levels in surf, SUP, Wing-surfer, and downwind foiling. Expert Performance Foil Surfing/Downwind...