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Starboard Sprint Airline

Flat water races on inflatable boards are about to be revamped. Similar to its composite counterpart, the Sprint Airline board is meant to be fastest board in the flat water...

Fanatic Fly Air Pure 10'8" SUP 2022

The 2022 Fanatic Fly Air 10'8 is the all-round inflatable SUP that everyone can enjoy. Our easy and stable all-rounder is the perfect solution if you are looking for a...
£489.00 £349.00

Starboard Generation 12'6 Deluxe - 2023

The launch of the Starboard Generation caused a sensation and has naturally gained even more popularity due to its incredible adaptability. It was only a matter of time before Starboard...

O'Shea 10'8 QSx Inflatable SUP Board 2022

The O'Shea 10'8": QSx is one of our best selling inflatable paddleboards of all time. Sturdy under the feet thanks to a premium construction, light to carry around and durable....
£589.00 £499.00

Fanatic Ray Air Pure 11'6" x 31" - 2021

Fanatic Ray Air is the inflatable touring SUP that has sleek lines and immense glide, making it the ideal partner for exploring miles of coastline, lakes, channels or rivers. It's a perfect...
£529.00 £449.95

SIC Maui RS Air Glide 14' SUP Race Board

SIC Maui has been shaping some of the fastest SUP boards in the world. They've helped numerous riders to score gold across all sorts of SUP races. With the constant...

Fanatic Fly Air Premium 10'4" SUP - 2022

If you're looking for an inflatable SUP board that's the closest in feel to a hardboard - the Fanatic Fly Air Premium is the one. We've tested plenty of boards...
£829.00 £599.00

O'Shea 10'6 QSx Inflatable SUP Board 2022

The O'Shea 10'6": QSx is one of our best selling inflatable paddleboards of all time. Sturdy under the feet thanks to a premium construction, light to carry around and durable....
£569.00 £479.00

Fanatic Fly Air Pure 10'4" SUP - 2022

Fanatic Fly Air Pure 10'4" is one of the best entry-level inflatable SUP's on the market. Designed by Fanatic - a brand that's been shaping boards since the 1980's -...
£479.00 £349.00

STX 10'6 Inflatable SUP Board 2022

STX 10'6 Inflatable SUP Board 2022 The new STX 10'6" inflatable SUP is one of the best priced high quality SUP boards on the market. Their mission was to create...
£559.00 £449.00

Fanatic Fly Air Pure 10'4" SUP - 2022 - Red

Fanatic Fly Air Pure 10'4" is one of the best entry-level inflatable SUP's on the market. Designed by Fanatic - a brand that's been shaping boards since the 1980's -...
£479.00 £349.00

Fanatic Fly Air Pure 9'8" SUP - 2022

The 2022 Fanatic Fly Air 9'8" is the all-round inflatable SUP that everyone can enjoy. Our easy and stable all-rounder is the perfect solution if you are looking for a...
£459.00 £349.00

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Kitesurfing and Wingsurfing

Duotone Evo SLS 2023 Kitesurfing Kite

Duotone Evo SLS is our kite of choice for all round use - from twintip to surfboard to foiling, it excels in all disciplines leaving nothing to be desired. Built...

Duotone Evo 2023 Kitesurfing Kite

Duotone Evo is one of the world's best selling kites for many reasons. It's the most user-friendly and intuitive kite to fly, very predictable and ideal for cross-discipline use. It's...

Duotone Rebel SLS - 2023 Kitesurfing Kite

Duotone Rebel SLS is one of the most iconic kites in the industry. The Big Air machine that never disappoints. Now in the new SLS construction for 2023. We were...

Duotone Dice SLS Kitesurfing Kite - 2023

Duotone Dice SLS is the kite of choice for all the freestyle riders out there. Incredible amount of power in the kite loops, slack for unhooking and superb drift in...

Duotone Evo D/Lab Kite 2023

Duotone Evo is the pinnacle of freeride kites - with legendary stability, ease of use and multitude of disciplines it covers. Now in the exclusive D/Lab construction - it's lighter,...

Duotone Juice Kitesurfing Kite - 2023

Duotone Juice has always been the pinnacle of light wind kitesurfing. Whether used for twintip or hydrofoil it exceeds expectations on what's considered a decent wind forecast. It's our first...

Duotone Juice D/Lab Kite 2023

Duotone Juice, the world's best light wind kite just got an upgrade. Using the new D/Lab technology, Juice is now lighter and more efficient than ever before. We've seen a...

Duotone Neo SLS

The Neo SLS has completely stunned the wave riding community by elevating a kite that was already innovative and the industry leader. The Neo SLS's responsiveness is due to the...

North Orbit Kite 2022

Committing to overpowered airs and megaloops in gusty conditions demands an unwavering trust in your kite. Our iconic premier 5-strut kite delivers incredible top-end control and allows you to hold...
£1,289.00 £929.00

Core XR7 Kitesurfing Kite

Core XR7 Kitesurfing Kite The XR line of Core kites has always been the ones to go for when it comes to Big Air. Ridiculous hang time, stable lift and...
£1,439.00 £1,151.20

Kitesurfing, SUP, Wing Foiling,Surfing Blog and Advice

Why Onewheel is so awesome?

In the world of outdoor exploration and adventure sports, Onewheel has emerged as a revolutionary... Read more

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Every surfer strives to improve their technique and fitness to enhance their time in the... Read more

Duotone D/Lab Aluula Kites Explained

Aluula material used on the leading edge of all Duotone D/Lab kites is a lightweight... Read more

Importance of Wind Direction - SUP Lessons

Wind direction is a crucial factor to consider when SUP'ing, as it can significantly impact... Read more

The 6 Reasons Why Kite Foiling is Epic

Kite hydrofoiling is an exhilarating water sport that combines the thrill of kitesurfing with the... Read more

SUP - Choke Stroke - How to and why?

The choke stroke when paddleboarding and SUP racing is highly beneficial for short sprints to... Read more

Paddle Out Protest Against Sewage - 20 May

Grab your surfboards, SUP's, paddles, rafts, swim caps & placards and join us for Surfers... Read more

Float the Highlands - Onewheel Race Event

The UK's inaugural event of its type - Float The Highlands. A three-day event for Onewheel... Read more

Save Our Playgrounds - Beach Clean Up

Although our Playground, the beach, deserves our care and mindfulness all year round, on this... Read more

Travelling for SUP Racing? Rental's available!

Traveling to SUP races with a composite race board can be a real pain. Same... Read more

2023 Duotone Juice D/Lab is here!

The Juice D/LAB was established three years ago, dramatically redefining the boundaries of light wind... Read more

Black Project Paddles Comparison - Pure, Ohana and Lava

The Black Project Lava, Ohana, and Pure carbon SUP paddles are all an excellent from... Read more

Mikaili Sol and Liam Whaley won Lords of Tram

The Lords of Tram, the first GKA Big Air championship competition of 2023, took place... Read more

SUP Performance Paddling Evenings Scotland

With paddleboarding gaining a massive following in the post lockdown UK we've noticed that more... Read more

What makes a good wetsuit?

Wetsuits are designed to keep us warm on the water and when it comes to... Read more

A Gift for the Person who has everything!

 We have all been there, trying to come up with inspiration as to what to... Read more

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

What do you get for the watersports fanatic in your life?  We have come up... Read more

Project Norway - Duotone Trip

Located north of the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten archipelago is known for its rugged beauty.... Read more

Sardin-YEAH! Duotone Dice SLS 2023

The Duotone team went to Sardinia to test out some of the new 2023 goodies,... Read more

Duotone and Fanatic 2023 - Kites, SUPs, Wings

We always say that we’re a store run by riders for riders. And we mean... Read more

Surfboards + Skateboards = Carver Surfskates

When people see a board with wheels scooting by, they normally think skateboard! However, it... Read more

Cold Water Fun

As the season is reaching the cooler months, it’s time to ensure we hit the... Read more

Efoils - Let's fly above the water!

With the term ‘E’ banded about, sometimes it can be hard to keep up!  Well,... Read more

The One Wheel GT is here and it was worth the wait!

From the moment the One Wheel team announced they were releasing the new GT, our... Read more

Red Bull Mid Summer Vikings SUP Race

Location Denmark - this race is the equivalent of completing around five marathons, pushing the... Read more

EMBRACE Movie - Pippa van Iersel

Embrace — an intimate insight into the mind and heart of an athlete that is... Read more

GWA Wingfoil World Tour 2022

With the ever-increasing popularity of wing foiling it's only natural for the sport to grow... Read more

APP World Tour 2022 Racing Schedule

Ericeira Portugal, Thursday 9th December:  The APP is excited to announce its 2022 season for Racing... Read more

Liam Whaley joins Duotone

The Duotone has grown their kitesurfing team by the addition of Liam Whaley. Liam is one... Read more

The Largest SUP Race in the World

If you want a challenge the GlaGla Winter SUP race should be on your list.... Read more

Taking Care of SUP Board

Now you've got your shiny new inflatable SUP board it's time to learn how to... Read more

Beginner SUP Buying Guide

Getting a bit confused as to which SUP board will suit your needs the best?... Read more

SUP Leaking Air? How To Guide

Your new or used SUP is loosing air? There can be a number of reasons... Read more

Onewheel Rides in Scotland

We ride the gear we sell. The reason we've got into this in the first... Read more

Fanatic AllWave SUP Review - 2021

Our friends and SUP Boarder have put the new Fanatic AllWave SUP through its paces. It's... Read more

OneWheel Pint vs One Wheel XR - Comparison Blog

One questions we get asked a lot is: “should I get OneWheel Pint or OneWheel... Read more

Wing Foiling - Wing Surfing - What's The Hype About

It’s so exciting to be at the forefront of a brand new sport. Wing foiling... Read more

How To SUP: SUP Basic Safety Knowledge

If you've been SUP surfing since you were 5, rode your barrels whilst sipping on... Read more

Onewheel Store Scotland

Onewheel is probably the closest thing to a hoverboard. It's not really Back to the... Read more

O'Shea SUP Boards - Buyer's Guide

We get this question asked a lot so having a nice summary will go a... Read more

Ruben Lenten Joins Ozone

The whole Ozone team have followed Ruben since the early beginnings of his Kiting career... Read more


North Technology Group (NTG) has today announced it will make a further significant investment in... Read more

Manera Eclipse Harness - Review

The new Manera Eclipse harness has joined their very popular Exo range. Manera Eclipse is... Read more

How to jump big? Kitesurfing Jumping Guide by Mike Birt

Peter Jones: I asked Michael Birt, UK Kitesurfing Champion 2000, Airush and Shinn distributor in the... Read more

Mystic Majestic 5/3 FZ Wetsuit Review 2018

The Mystic Majestic 5/3 Front Zip is one of the world's best selling winer wetsuit.... Read more

New F-One Foil Collection - 2018

Lots of new foil models coming out this spring from F-One. After many hours spent... Read more

Naish Mid-Season - Naish Dash 2018/19, Boxer 2018/19 and Ride 2018/19 Kites

It's the time of the year when Naish releases their mid-season kites. And boy, there's... Read more

How to Rescue a Kitesurfer

After you've had your kitesurfing lessons you, as a kitesurfer, should know well how to... Read more

Dakota - NP Surf Film

We talk a lot about kitesurfing in cold conditions. That's what we get in the... Read more

Karolina Winkowska in Brazil, Slingshot Kiteboarding

Karolina Winkowska's taking us to Brazil - one of the best places to go on... Read more

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Our shop is owned and run by riders, created out of passion for water sports. From kitesurfing and surfing to paddle boarding and wing foiling, even Carver skateboards and most recently Onewheels and other PEV's. We've got a massive selection of Mens and Womens wetsuits from all the leading brands that you can try on in store. We sell the equipment we want and we ride ourselves so we will always offer you the best advice on the right kit for you. We offer demo sessions on most of our products, lessons in all the sports we do and a coffee when you come in the shop to try some new wetsuits on. Our surf shop is based in Dalkeith just outside Edinburgh in Scotland but we ship UK-wide and, in most cases, with a free next-day delivery.
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