Whether you are SUP’ing, Kayaking or Wing Foiling – a buoyancy aid is one of the essentials you should have with you on the water.  We have a selection of flotation and buoyancy aids to choose from.  If you need some more advice, get in touch so we can help!

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Spinlock Alto Belt Flotation Buoyancy Device

Designed for paddleboarding, kayaking, powerboating, fishing and a wide range of water sports the ALTO is a lightweight, compact, inflatable flotation device worn around the waist. Manually operated, the inflatable tube is...

Mystic Floatation Buoyancy Vest - SUP and Kite

Mystic's high quality floatation vest designed to keep you safe on your SUP adventures or when kitesurfing. The crotch strap stops the vest from riding up when in the water and...

Ion Booster X Vest Side Zip - SUP and Kite

The Booster X Vest SZ offers extra buoyancy along with more handy features like pockets, and a drinking bladder fixture. Forever pushing innovation and design, we take pride in the...