Axis ART Foils are thoroughly tested and approved after several rounds of refinement, these reduced chord, high aspect wings are the most advanced, hydrodynamical efficient foil design on the market today. When combined with an AXIS Carbon mast and AXIS Progressive rear wings, they provide the ultimate friction
freeride. Free UK delivery on all Axis ART foils.

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Axis ART 799 Carbon Hydrofoil Wing

The AXIS ART 799 sports incredible speed, great glide coupled with effortless pumping and carving. The 799 enjoy stall speeds far lower than similarly sized wings giving intermediate riders an...

Axis ART 899 Carbon Hydrofoil Wing

The ART 999's younger sibling has arrived! Seriously fast wing! Yet it retains a similar ease of ride that has made the AXIS ART 999 such a favorite with AXIS...

Axis ART 999 Carbon Hydrofoil Wing

The AXIS Research Team ART 999 looks and feels like nothing else. On the water this wing blows your mind! The ART 999 sits at the forefront of wing design and development, pushing...

Axis ART 1099 Carbon Hydrofoil Wing

The AXIS ART 1099 has arrived – so what's so special about it? You've probably heard rumours about larger ART's in development. We've certainly been inundated with enquiries and requests, but we...