Red Bull Coast 2 Coast 2015 is on!

Two years after its spectacular debut, the legendary and long-awaited event - Red Bull Coast 2 Coast - is back. 600 brave kitesurfers will take part in the toughest kite surf marathon in the world - kiting from coast to coast, 40 kilometres (or about 25 miles) across the rough Baltic Sea.

Red Bull Coast 2 Coast 2015 Kitesurfing HighRes

At Red Bull Coast 2 Coast the participants have to complete the journey from Fehmarn, off the coast of Germany, all the way to the Danish coast and back. Despite strong swells and heavy currents the distance has to be completed in one go. Absolutely no breaks are allowed. Only those who find the perfect combination between equipment, kiting technique and stamina will give themselves a chance to leave the water victorious.

The registration phase for Red Bull Coast 2 Coast has unfortunately ended. If you have signed up to the challenge Red Bull will get back to you in the fist of August to let you know if you'll be able to take part. And if not, don't take it personally as participants are being chosen at random. And keep an eye on the 2016 signup too!

Watch the 2015 Red Bull Coast 2 Coast Kitesurfing Challenge teaser below:

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