As with many our kites we tend to hand these over for demoing. The 2015 Ozone C4 is in a super popular demand, so please give us a shout in advance if you want to take it for a spin. In the meantime we've compiled feedback we've got from regular riders. I hope this will help!

Build quality as usual with Ozone kites is second to none. The incredible attention to detail, use of super sturdy materials and solid stitching makes it not far from being bullet proof. Ozone uses mid-size inflation valve meaning you can pump up the kite under 1 minute with ease.

Ozone C4 2015 Kite Review UK Store Scotland

With regards to the bar Ozone as always keeps everything super simple. It has over-the-bar depower, under the bar swivel for untwisting lines and a standard push-away flag-out system. These bars tend to last forever and so do the lines. C4 comes with a bigger chicken loop making it easier to hook back in after unhooked tricks. The kite uses simple 4-line system - so no tangles to worry about after spectacular wipeouts.

Despite it being a C-kite it likes to be parked. It gives you this cable-like feeling with a stable horizontal pull through the tricks. Having said that you need to work the depower more with your legs and edging rather than with the bar throw. But that's to be expected from this type of kite.

If you think that it's aimed mainly at wakestyle riders you couldn't be more wrong. When timed right the 2015 Ozone C4 will rip you off the water and send you sky-high. A lot of our riders were positively surprised how high and how far it takes you, especially in its sweet-spot (which for 11m about 20 knots was ideal!).

Ozone C4 2015 Kite Review UK Store Scotland

As for the kite loops the C4 is quite easy to manage. Mind you - the most power gets generated through the loop, not at the beginning as opposed to SLE kites. It does pack a lot of punch and due to it's turning speed it's amazing at catching you when you think it's all going to end up pear-shaped.

Oh, and it is rather hard to find the real top end - some of our riders had our 11m out in over 25 knots saying they've had a long way to go and 8m in 40 knots saying they were still quite comfortable.

Here's what guys at Kiteworld Magazine had to say about the kite:

"This is still very wakestyle focused, for experienced riders looking for turning grind and power through loops and a super-stable horizontal pull across the water. At the same time it’s not like tying yourself to two plough horses. The power is usable, not just full-on and gnarly, and if you need a break there’s the more forward flying freeride setting. It's one of the cleanest cable-like pulling machines out there with great boost for the advanced rider and filthy loops".

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