GWA Wingfoil World Tour 2022

With the ever-increasing popularity of wing foiling it's only natural for the sport to grow into series of disciplines. With a challenging 2021 the final event in Tarfia in Decemeber 2021 was nothing short of breathtaking. Now, with 2022 in full swing we've got some good news for those wanting to put on their competitive hats on!




We will have two primary disciplines on the 2022 Wingfoil World Tour: Surf-Freestyle and Surf-Slalom.


The Surf-Freestyle discipline includes the expression format where competitors surf waves or swells and perform air and surface tricks using the given water conditions. It is a mix of both wave riding and air tricks.


An exciting and evolving format, usually focused on high speed downwind courses, but will also develop to include challenging, longer-distance, downwind adventure events. Surf-Slalom heats will demand a dynamic skillset from the world’s best wing foilers, whatever the distance, on lakes and in open ocean environments. Whether negotiating flat waters or rolling swell and wave situations, competitors will need to accelerate hard and hold their nerve to negotiate any terrain as quickly as possible.


Here’s what you need to know about the events:

Q: How can riders register?
A: Riders can register directly through the GWA Wingfoil world tour website on the dedicated event page. Registration will open 6 weeks prior to an event and will close two weeks before the event. 

Q: Are events open to the public or are they invitation-only?
A: Events are open to the public, however the number of participants in the pro divisions is limited. Selection for pro divisions will be based on international and national rankings plus the GWA and organizer wildcards. 

Q: What disciplines will there be at World Cup events?
A: We will run the official disciplines of Surf-Freestyle and Surf-Slalom in the Pro division. We also plan to run an amateur division in the Surf-Slalom format and a youth division in the age groups Under 15 and Under 19 at select events. 

Q: Is there prize money?
A: We aim to have prize money for the Pro division of 10.000 Euro at each GWA Wingfoil World Tour Event. This is subject to change and is dependent on the willingness of our sponsors.

*Nothing is set in stone and we appreciate your flexibility as rules, formats and events need to be updated.

Click here to visit the ‘Events’ section on this website to see all the World Cup events for 2022.

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