Mikaili Sol and Liam Whaley won Lords of Tram

The Lords of Tram, the first GKA Big Air championship competition of 2023, took place this past weekend in Le Barcarès, France. The competition was thrilling and heated from the beginning to the end because the winds were pumping as the Tramontana approached and peaked to extremely high speeds. The Duotone team knew they had to give it everything they had to win with 36 of the finest Big Air competitors in the world there, and that is exactly what they did.

Mikaili Sol, the current GKA Big Air champion, stood out throughout the competition. Although the early round heats in the wind were undoubtedly difficult for Sol, her performance nonetheless demonstrated her skill and natural ability to handle any situation.

"This is very unexpected, but I knew I could achieve it. I came here with zero training whatsoever. Really, I haven't done any big air in about 2.5/3 months. I went out the first day and got the crap scared out of me, but I think I redeemed myself. I had a lot of fun out there and can't wait to do it again in Tarifa."

She frequently scored 7 or more points, and she typically finished in the lead and won her heats. Mikaili responds when questioned about her victory, "Winning the Lords of Tram, reinforces Mikaili's #1 position on tour, kicking off the season in the best way possible."

Taking third place in the women's category and winning the prize for the best crash, Nathalie Lambrecht joins Mikaili on the podium. Nathalie, you astonished us! Nathalie performed her tricks with amplitude and assurance, pushing the envelope and becoming a genuine contender in every heat.

On the male side of the ladder, the finale featured a thrilling final match between Liam Whaley and Andrea Principi. Andrea, the 2022 big air champion, put on a fantastic show and may have made one of the longest leaps ever, flying 235 metres, but Liam would prove invincible, triumphing and taking home a well-earned victory.

I improved heat each heat, and when it came time for the final versus Andrea, I knew I had to give it everything I had. I've lost to him in the last three competitions because he's such a tough opponent, so today's victory felt so damn nice. My equipment was performing superbly. Duotone thoroughly fine-tuned my equipment and made it operate flawlessly. I am therefore overjoyed. As he makes his way to his hometown venue in Tarifa, Spain, for the following stop on the tour, Liam assumes the lead position.

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