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Sku: 25757
Vendor: Starboard

The new Starboard All Star Airline - faster than the majority of hard boards, this race board excels in races while remaining easy to transport.

Starboard All Star Airline strikes a balance between travel convenience and competitive performance. Its patented free-flowing aramid cable acts as a spring when under tension while the board is inflated, providing the expected response sensation of a race board.

With a carbon bottom stringer, this board offers increased stiffness, yet it remains lightweight due to the fusion lamination process combined with woven drop-stitch technology.

Featuring elements from the composite race board design, the All Star Airline includes standing EVA side trays for enhanced control and balance during rail steering and choppy conditions. Additional features such as edge release technology for drag reduction, beach start carry handles, and FCS mounts for tracking devices make this board ideal for serious performance.


Which Starboard All Star Airline model is suitable for you?


12'6" x 25.5" - The narrower width of 25.5" provides the 12'6" board with extra speed, allowing for faster acceleration and improved stability. It also enables quicker side-to-side paddles for increased racing efficiency. Recommended for riders up to 80kg or highly skilled racers.

12'6" x 27" - This 27" wide board features a slightly wider nose, providing additional pop in choppy conditions. The wider tail offers enhanced control and stability during buoy turning. Twin stringers on the deck, combined with Airline technology, ensure the smoothest and fastest glide without compromising balance capacity.

14'0" x 24.5" - With its narrow outline and carbon stringer, this model is extremely fast and lightweight. The 24.5" width is designed for serious racers seeking maximum speed through reduced wet area.

14'0" x 26" - As the best-selling inflatable race board, this model offers sufficient stability in choppy conditions while maintaining speed and tracking capabilities for covering distances quickly and smoothly. The carbon stringer on the bottom and narrow tail provide extra stiffness, rivaling that of hard boards.

14'0" x 28" - The wider outline of this board offers increased stability, allowing you to conserve energy for maximising paddle power. The narrow tail facilitates easier and faster turns around buoys without compromising stability.


Board weight tolerance: +/- 5%