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Vendor: Duotone

Duotone Juice, the world's best light wind kite just got an upgrade. Using the new D/Lab technology, Juice is now lighter and more efficient than ever before. We've seen a lot of development in materials technology over the last years, however the difference with Allua leading edge is mind blowing. 

Making the kite much lighter and stiffer the new Juice gets you on the water with a foil in around 5/6 knots - that's coming from a 85kg rider on a 15m kite. In the past, we've had to resort to foil kites which, sadly, in damp conditions were a bit of a pain. Being able to get out in incredibly marginal days with a kite that stays in the air and produces a surprising amount of power is a godsend. On top of that, you can ditch most of its power when the wind picks up - which in the UK is a standard day at the beach, starting with 10 knots kicking into late teens and dropping back to 10.

Same goes for using Juice D/Lab on a twintip - it's an absolute game changer in lighter winds. Different to a lot of large kites on the market, Juice jumps incredibly well producing a lot of vertical lift and, as you'd expect, plenty of hang time. When flying it the kite it feels couple of sizes smaller - due to smaller diameter and an insane stiffness of the leading edge but also due to its reduced weight. Same goes for its upwind performance - both on a twintip and hydrofoil.

As with all Duotone kites, the Juice D/Lab is available for demo so get in touch if you want to have a shot and have your mindset about light wind kitesurfing changed forever!