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Vendor: Duotone

Duotone Juice has always been the pinnacle of light wind kitesurfing. Whether used for twintip or hydrofoil it exceeds expectations on what's considered a decent wind forecast. It's our first choice when most kites barely stay in the air to hydrofoil thanks to it's very impressive drift but also for freeriding on lighter days. It's surprisingly awesome for jumping too and with ample hangtime it makes learning new aerial tricks so much easier. Perfect to get these multiple rotations dialled in!


Designed with lighter materials than other Duotone kites, the Juice stays in the air and produces plenty of power when you wouldn't expect to head out. It's surprisingly fast for a kite of its size and with progressive delivery of power throughout the wind window it's really predictable and easy to ride. Ideal kite for lighter days and all abilities.

We ride all the gear we sell so if you have any questions about the size of Duotone Juice you need for your particular weight and riding style, get in touch. As with all Duotone kites, Juice is also available on our kitesurfing demo programme.