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Vendor: Fanatic

The new shape of Fanatic ProWave blown our minds. It's still a very much high-performance surfing SUP but it's now much easier to take off in less than perfect suf. It's super fast and responsive on the wave. We've had it out in everything from 3ft to way overhead and it has performed beautifully!

The new ProWave shapes offer true short board performance thanks to their instant responsiveness and fast drive. Whether you’re carving powerful turns on a clean wall or slashing in the pocket and busting airs on a beach break. Speed and drive are enhanced through single concave entry that transitions into a double concave through the mid-section and into a quad V tail channel. Five multi boxes means you can ride it in either Quad or Thruster configuration - the board comes in Thruster setup with 3x ProWave 4.75" Fanatic fins.


The refined scoop rocker line boosts acceleration and speed, while the thin rails, nose and the new quad-V-channel tail ensure ultimate control and grip for deep carves and tight hacks. Light, strong custom surf tech construction gives the right amount of flex; the ProWave comes with 5 boxes to adapt to your style and the conditions.

Rider Level: Intermediate to Advanced (feel free to call us for advice on surf SUP boards, the right size for you and the break you're riding if in doubt!)

Fanatic ProWave Sizes:

  • 7'0" x 24.0"  / 70 Litres / Rider Weight: 40-70kg
  • 7'5" x 26.0"  / 83 Litres / Rider Weight: 50-80kg
  • 7'10" x 28.0"  / 95 Litres / Rider Weight: 55-85kg
  • 8'3" x 29.5"  / 109 Litres / Rider Weight: 65-85kg
  • 8'8" x 30.5"  / 121 Litres / Rider Weight: 75-90kg