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Vendor: Airush

Freewing GO
This versatile freewing is designed to be user-friendly with a wide power range and compact design. Despite its size, it offers considerable power, excellent balance, and exceptional stability even at lower speeds. With a low span to prevent tip strikes and maximize handling, it boasts a robust construction and maximum visibility for ease of use.

Phazer V2
The Phazer V2 is a highly acclaimed carbon foilboard renowned for its performance in the foiling industry. It strikes a perfect balance between durability and lightweight design, ensuring optimum pitch control. Its unique rocker flat design enables effortless take-off, while its volume distribution maintains stability both at rest and during flight. With a curved outline to minimize touchdowns during aggressive maneuvers, it stands out as one of the most versatile and high-performing boards available.

Tracer Hydrofoil
The Tracer hydrofoil offers a blend of efficiency, pitch control, and maneuverability. Its exceptional glide efficiency is complemented by agile cornering capabilities, making it incredibly versatile yet easy to ride. Part of a comprehensive modular foil system, it allows for various future riding possibilities. Front wing sizes range from 1900 down to 850, with customizable quivers to suit individual preferences. The foil also offers multiple rear stabilizer choices, each tailored to specific riding styles and preferences. Additionally, the fuselage and mast length options cater to different skill levels and riding conditions.

Alloy Plate Angle
AK's alloy masts feature two different plate angles: 0 degrees, which is the standard mounting angle, and 1.5 degrees, which raises the board's nose for high speeds and steep waves, albeit at the expense of foiling efficiency.

This package, available for 2023, combines the revered AK Phazer V3 carbon board, the refined Freewing V2 Air wing, and the medium aspect Tracer series hydrofoil. Purchased as a package, it offers significant savings compared to buying individual components.

Available in various size configurations and foil specifications, with AK's adjustable modular foil system, it delivers industry-leading performance and cross-compatibility with a wide range of future wing, mast, and fuselage options, allowing riders to explore different directions in their riding journey. Prices are generated once all components are specified, and the package comes complete with a leash (for wing and board) and a pump.