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Black Project

Black Project Lava SUP Paddle

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If you want one paddle that can do it all, the Lava is your best option. It is versatile, powerful, and lightweight. With a more forgiving blade shape that is better suited for a less aggressive and lower cadence paddle stroke, this full carbon paddle shares a lot of the same genetic makeup as our flagship race and surf paddles.

The Lava is suitable for all paddlers in all water situations, from surfing to flat water cruising and travel. It has three blade sizes, two shaft diameter options, two handle options, and is available in Fixed, Adjustable, & 3-Piece Adjustable.

The Lava blade is intended to fix improper alignment that often translates into fatigue and injury. The Scooped Dihedral shape prevents lateral blade movement and delivers force in a smooth and effective manner throughout the power phase by holding the water securely.

Even if you don't get the entire blade in the water, the paddle may still deliver force because to the expansion of the tapering scoop towards the toe. Additionally ensuring a smooth catch and effective blade release, this toe shaping.

Overall, the Lava blade design produces an efficient and predictable paddle stroke that promotes the use of smaller blades while minimising tiredness and safeguarding your body from harm.

The Lava blade is made to be slightly more forgiving and better suited to a less forceful and lower cadence paddle stroke. A smooth paddle stroke and a little more comfort than the Hydro are encouraged by the blade's moderate 10° blade angle.

The ridge along the front of the blade adds strength by stiffening the blade both laterally and vertically. This construction aids in the blade's improved stability, resulting in a predictable feel. The Power Ridge on the Lava is more subdued than on the Hydro or Surge because we wanted a little more blade flex for better comfort.

You can learn more about the paddle at Black Project's website. If you want our take on it feel free to get in touch and if you need advice on the correct size - give us a shout. Here's an overall guide:

Shaft Diameter (mm) STANDARD (29) STANDARD (29) S L I M (26.5) S L I M (26.5)
Actual Size (cm2) 581.8 530 530 490
Actual Size (in2) 90.2 82.15 82.15 76.0
Paddler Weight (KG) 80 – 105 65 – 85 60 – 80 45 – 70
Paddler Weight (lbs) 175-230 140 – 185 130-175 110-155
Black Project Lava SUP Paddle - Skymonster Watersports
Black Project Lava SUP Paddle - Skymonster Watersports
Black Project Lava SUP Paddle - Skymonster Watersports