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Cabrinha Overdrive 1X Trimlite with Quickloop

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The Cabrinha Overdrive 1X Trimlite with Quickloop is a control system that offers great compatibility and has been meticulously designed. It boasts various features such as soft and ergonomic 8cm adjustable bar ends, a lightweight cleat trim, and a reliable 1X security system. This control system provides excellent kite control and delivers high performance.

Our top-notch adjustable control system allows for easy bar length adjustment, ranging from 48cm to 56cm. The Overdrive mode enhances the turning speed and overall performance of any kite, regardless of its size. With our specially designed compact stainless steel TrimLite cleat, you can make precise and positive trim adjustments. The control system's lightweight design includes an elasticized trim line, an internalized mainline, and PU tubing protection for the landing lines. These features create a minimalist system that offers optimal balance and trim, adapting to changing wind conditions.

The 1X Overdrive Trimlite control system is suitable for riders of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals, who use inflatable kites and prefer a single line (1X) security system. It priorities adjustable bar length and a cleat trim for convenient customisation.

  • Improved asymmetric grip design with increased traction for better grip
  • On-the-fly 8cm bar width adjustment provides wide range of adjustment for kite turning speed
  • Soft and ergonomic EVA bar ends with flex grooves
  • Simple and clean trim system - Durable stainless steel cleat
  • Low frontline “V” for direct steering
  • Comprehensive safety with single line 1X security flagging
Cabrinha Overdrive 1X Trimlite with Quickloop - Skymonster Watersports