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Vendor: Duotone

Duotone Evo is the pinnacle of freeride kites - with legendary stability, ease of use and multitude of disciplines it covers. Now in the exclusive D/Lab construction - it's lighter, faster and more versatile than ever before.

Thanks to the usage of Aluula material on the leading edge, the kite is now 30% lighter when compared to standard Dacron. Making it able to fly in incredibly light winds - ideal for foiling and riding in marginal winds. Aluula also makes the air frame much stiffer making the kite faster and more lofty. It's an experience hard to describe, but it feels like there is not input delay between the bar and the kite. It turns on a dime making it incredibly intuitive to fly.

The recovery after kite loops is phenomenal - the lightness of the kites means it comes up over your head much faster than traditional kites, making more aggressive loops more manageable. As with all our kites, the D/Lab Evo is part of our demo quiver and we'd be stoked for you to give it a go.


Duotone Evo D/Lab Key Features:

The performance all-rounder
Easy to access high performance no matter your riding style, great for big air, freeride, hooked freestyle and playing in the waves.

Lift and hangtime
The Evo D/Lab is set to stun you when you take to the skies; the huge lift will send you to the moon and keep you there longer than you ever thought possible.

Wind range
The Evo D/Lab  is up to 30% lighter than the standard version; this enables it to have incredible light wind performance with tremendous low-end power. Thanks to the shape and stiffness of the frame, the kite is also incredibly stable at the top of the wind range.

D/Lab construction
This helps reduce the kite's overall weight by up to 30% and improves performance by making the frame stiffer. In addition, materials like aluula and trinity tx make the kite exceedingly light while offering excellent durability.

Total control
The refined handling and dynamic depower gives you total control at all times; you have a massive amount of power at your fingertips with full depower the instant you need it.

Pulley-less bridle system
Offers a more dynamic and direct feel to the kite and a longer-lasting and more durable bridle for harsh use.