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Sku: 9010583222349
Vendor: Duotone

Introducing the 2024 Evo SLS, where Duotone elevates the standard for high-performance versatility to unprecedented heights. The latest iteration features an upgraded Penta TX leading-edge construction, now with a sleeker diameter, enhancing kite handling and speed.

This year, Duotone engineers have meticulously redesigned the Evo SLS, focusing on reducing weight while maintaining stiffness in the frame. The result? A kite that not only performs across a variety of disciplines but also pushes the boundaries of what's achievable in kiteboarding.

The Evo SLS remains the top choice for riders seeking unparalleled versatility. From massive airs in strong winds to freeriding sessions with friends, tackling waves, or perfecting hooked freestyle tricks, this kite delivers. Its dynamic handling and responsiveness make controlled kite loops effortless, regardless of skill level. Plus, experience increased pop, smoother take-offs, and extended hang time, as if the kite has a built-in "cheat mode" for kiters.

With innovative features like Flex Struts and a pulley-less bridle system, the Evo SLS offers enhanced control and reduced maintenance. This kite seamlessly becomes an extension of your body, providing total control throughout every maneuver.

Key Features:

  1. The Ultimate All-Rounder: The Evo SLS sets a new standard for performance versatility, thanks to its lightweight SLS construction and redesigned leading edge.
  2. Aggressive Lift: Experience exceptional take-off speeds and remarkable lift for exhilarating boosting, facilitated by the kite's stiff frame and dynamic steering.
  3. Improved Low End: Enhanced low-end range is achieved through the new Flex Strut design and reduced weight, ensuring faster turns, climbs, and flight.
  4. SLS Construction: High-performance materials like Penta TX frame and Trinity TX canopy reduce weight while ensuring durability and stiffness, further enhanced in the 2024 model.
  5. Pulley-Less Bridle System: Enjoy a more dynamic and direct feel with the kite, along with increased durability for extensive use.
  6. Customisable Tuning Options: Tailor the kite to your riding style by adjusting turning speed, bar pressure, and more, for a truly personalized flying experience.