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Sku: 9010583187907
Vendor: Duotone
In 2024, the Duotone Unit sets a new standard in wing design, offering enhanced riding comfort, improved drift stability, and a range of features that are simply irresistible.

The Duotone Unit has been a trailblazer in wing design for years, with many competitors attempting to emulate its performance and handling. However, thanks to its unique combination of wing design, cutting-edge technology, and high-quality materials, the Unit remains the gold standard in the industry.

The 2024 model takes a significant leap forward by introducing a long carbon front handle, enabling one-handed riding, an angled strut that enhances riding comfort, and various tweaks to the outline, twist, and canopy tension, all of which contribute to improved power delivery and drift stability.

Renowned designer Ken Winner has optimised the strut angles in the handle area, resulting in a more natural riding position that keeps the back arm straighter and prevents constant pulling in, particularly noticeable when riding toe side.

Another major enhancement is the introduction of a substantially longer carbon front handle, allowing riders to move their front hand further back and enjoy minutes of one-handed flight. This feature opens up new possibilities for tricks and elevates the level of riding comfort to a whole new level.

Further refinements in the outline, curvature, twist, and tension of the MOD3 canopy make the new Unit fly with greater precision and stability when sheeted in, while maintaining a more neutral drift when flagged out on the wave.

Whether you're passionate about carving effortlessly in the surf, aiming for impressive big airs with extended hang time, or simply want a wing that offers plenty of lift and power for straight-line sailing, the 2024 Unit is a true winner. Its outstanding performance and handling speak for themselves, making it a must-have choice for any rider, regardless of the designer's name associated with it.