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Sku: 44220-3004
Vendor: Duotone

Duotone Neo is one of the world's best wave riding kites. The unmatched drift combined with ample amounts of power available on tap makes it one of our best choices too. It's fast through the wind window yet incredibly stable in gusty winds which, for most wave riders, are the bread and butter.

Thanks to Trinity TX the kite is light yet very responsive and durable, which is very reassuring especially when dropped in front of incoming face. The relaunch is phenomenal, just like in the previous years and the direct feeling at the bar makes it super easy in those tricky top and bottom turns when you can't really focus on the kite.

The drift, as always, is unparalleled, so whether you're riding strapless or foiling, you don't have to keep focused on keeping the kite in the air. The adaptive wing tip allows the kite to be more forgiving in gusts and makes it less prone to back stalling when hitting a lull.

If your riding is mainly focused on surfboards and foils and you mix the twintip into the quiver, the Duotone Neo will tick all your boxes. Don't get fooled by the wave label - Neo can boost incredibly well and it's definitely one of the most user friendly kites on the market. Superb relaunch, durability, ease of use and stability - can't ask for more!