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Vendor: Duotone

The Neo SLS has completely stunned the wave riding community by elevating a kite that was already innovative and the industry leader. The Neo SLS's responsiveness is due to the construction, which is made of Penta TX, Trinity TX, and a novel Hybrid Flex Strut and weights up to 15% less than a conventional kite. This expands the capability of drifting. The Neo SLS will continue to drift when you might have dropped a traditionally made kite, enabling you to execute your wave manoeuvres with ease. The iconic dynamism of The Neo SLS is further enhanced by the new Hybrid Flex Strut, which makes use of novel material combinations for enhanced performance.

The kite has been adjusted so precisely that as size grows, less flex material is used in the tip struts. For instance, a 5m has more flexibility in the tip struts compared to a 12m; this offers the larger kites, where power is a priority, more rigidity and stiffness and makes the smaller kites even quicker. The kite still handles and steers when the power is turned off and the bar is pushed away, allowing you to ride the wave without losing any control. With different settings on the tips, you can also adjust the kite to the conditions of the day. For example, if you're strapless freeriding on flat water, you could set the kite for maximum pop and strong loops if you dare.

Tune it for optimum drift and quick turning speed when shredding the waves. The Neo SLS is the perfect wave kite: quick, with amazing drift, with an instantaneous relaunch, and with great durability. The Neo SLS is the kite for you if you want to ride a surfboard this year; regardless of your riding style or the weather, it will perform to the greatest levels beyond your wildest dreams.