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Vendor: Ensis

The new Ensis Spin wing is designed for the freestylers and wave riders out there. Thanks to a super compact shape, the Ensis Spin allows for swift manoeuvres without taping the water with the wing tips. It's also an awesome wing for shorter riders!


The compact shape also helps with take offs and makes handling the wing much easier and allows for better response from pumping. The wing also feels very light so even in larger sizes it doesn't feel like a workout to get it over your head and start pumping. Even though it's marketed as a wing for experts, the Spin is actually a dead-easy wing to use for riders of all levels and abilities. And, as with all the wings we offer, it's available for demo sessions at our local spots and beyond - just get in touch!

"The SPIN feels like a playful butterfly in my hands – light and hovering. At the same time, the wing is full of power, ultra stable and direct. The SPIN with its compact design is perfect for me to do the wildest tricks."
Balz Müller

 Approximate wind range for the Ensis Spin wings:

Size wind range (rider 80kg, foil 1700cm2)
1.8 m2 30+ kn
2.2 m2 25-50 kn
2.6 m2 20-45 kn
3.1 m2 15-43 kn
3.6 m2 13-40 kn
4.1 m2 12-35 kn
4.6 m2 10-30 kn
5.1 m2 8-25 kn
6.1 m2 7-20 kn