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Vendor: F-One

The STRIKE CWC V3 is an incredibly effective wing designed for light-wind conditions. It features a compact and user-friendly design, along with a 3-strut wing for enhanced manoeuvrability. With a large surface area, this wing is perfect for wing foiling in light winds. Innovative design includes a smaller wingspan, enabling efficient pumping and keeping the wingtips above the water's surface. The center strut has a small diameter, providing maximum power with minimal weight. The well-balanced design generates apparent wind, increasing its performance in stronger winds.

To improve the performance and durability of the CWC V3, they've focused on three areas: materials, their placement, and the overall design. The airframe is constructed using exclusive HITEX 158g and 178g materials, known for their resistance to elongation and durability. The thinner central strut, made possible by HITEX 158g, has an independent valve for better pressure control. Longitudinal reinforcements maintain the strut's shape and strength. The leading edge features HITEX 178g in two central segments and 158g in the remaining segments, carefully distributed to handle different tensions, high pressures, and weight distribution.

F-One has also incorporated their new NANO canopy, a revolutionary micro ripstop polyester material weighing 55g, across the entire wing. It benefits from a NANO coating and Plasma treatment process, resulting in increased rigidity, resistance to elongation and tears, and improved durability.

Innovative Sail Engineering design ensures that each panel of the CWC V3 carries a specific load, with fiber alignment precisely following the load paths. This design approach minimises stretch and provides greater control. The wind range of the STRIKE CWC is extended, and it offers a wider range of optimal wind strengths.

F-One have optimised the handles for better rider control, rigidity, and performance. They are designed to maintain a natural position for easy sheeting in.

Thanks to Compact Wing Concept (CWC) patent, they could achieve a larger surface area without compromising on lightness and performance. This results in highly manoeuvrable and user-friendly wings with reduced wingspan. The STRIKE CWC V3 is available in four sizes, ranging from 6 to 9m², including a 9m² size for larger riders.

Experience a revolution in light wind conditions with the STRIKE CWC V3, a game-changing wing that makes your light wind days feel like you're using a 5m² wing. Its impressive range and effortless riding will transform your experience on the water.