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Sku: fnt-premium-10-4
Vendor: Fanatic

If you're looking for an inflatable SUP board that's the closest in feel to a hardboard - the Fanatic Fly Air Premium is the one. We've tested plenty of boards in the last 15 years and the Premium range from Fanatic is by far the stiffest under our feet. That goes across the whole range - from the Fly air to Touring boards - we've all been simply blown away.

The Fanatic Premium is made in their DL LIGHT technology - Double Layer Light construction when compared to the standard Double Layer technology is a 20 – 25 % reduction in weight, and around 25 – 30 % increase in stiffness. There's no other technology out there that offers this level of stiffness, lightness and durability.

This means that the board won't bend even under heavier riders - we've tested these boards with some of our friends closing in on 125kg. Because it's not bendy, it feels incredibly stable under the feet making paddling much more enjoyable. That also helps in small surf - it's one of the very few boards we felt confident taking into decent waves. Because there's no bending involved catching a wave is pretty much effortless.

Thanks to a very generous volume and width the 10'4" is perfectly stable and suitable for all levels of paddle boarders - from total beginners to advanced SUP'ers looking for the closest thing to a hard board but with the convenience of being able to pack it away to a backpack and chucking it into a back of a Mini.

The board comes in as standard with a premium backpack with wheels, HP2 premium Fanatic pump, high-quality honeycomb Fin and repair kit. You can choose one of the Fanatic paddles to go with the board. And feel free to get in touch if you'll have any questions - we ride what we sell so we'll know exactly which board will suit your paddling style, weight and skill level.

Fanatic Air Premium Key Features:

  • the stiffest inflatable SUP on the market,
  • easy to learn and progress on due to no increased stability,
  • durable construction protecting the board when folded and on the water,
  • safe to use thanks to supreme quality materials,
  • premium travel bag with heavy duty wheels,
  • high quality double-action Fanatic pump,
  • premium honeycomb centere fin,
  • windsurfing foot mast insert.


Fanatic Air Premium Specs:

BOARD Fly Air Premium 9'8" Fly Air Premium 10'4" Fly Air Premium 10'8"
VOLUME 213 l 284 l 306 l
WIDTH 32" / 81.3 cm 33" / 83.8 cm 34" / 86.4 cm
LENGTH 9'8'' / 294.6 cm 10'4'' / 315 cm 10'8'' / 325.1 cm
THICKNESS 4.5" / 11.5 cm 5.5" / 14 cm 5.5" / 14 cm
WEIGHT 9.95 kg 11.10 kg 11.80 kg
FITTINGS 1 x US Box, 2x Sidefin / 1x Fly 15.5 cm 1 x US Box, 2x Sidefin / 1x Fly 19.5 cm 1 x US Box, 2x Sidefin / 1x Fly 19.5 cm
RECOMMENDED USER WEIGHT Up to 85 kg Up to 95 kg Up to 105 kg