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Vendor: Fanatic X

Duotone and Fanatic Sky Free TE, Slick and High Aspect Carbon SLS Foil package

This package offers an ideal wing foil setup for intermediate riders seeking an upgrade from beginner equipment. Enjoy a 20% weight reduction with the Fanatic Carbon Foil, paired with the stiff and durable Fanatic Sky Free TE full carbon board.

Ideal for first-time buyers who have completed a few lessons and are ready to progress, this package ensures long-lasting quality from Duotone and Fanatic. All components are compatible with the latest Duotone foils, eliminating the need for future part replacements; simply enhance this foil wing package with additional components.

Included in this package:

Product Code Description
32230-3603 Fanatic Sky Free TE 5'3" 2023
13210-3521 Fanatic Carbon 750/66 & 750/78 2023
42230-3521 Slick 2023 5.0m
Choice of Foil Duotone Carve 1100 SLS
Choice of Foil Duotone Aero Free 1250
44210-3530 Duotone Sliver Aluminium Mini boom
44200-8013 DT leash
48220-7061 ION wing core leash Ankle 5'5"
44200-7060 Duotone pump Large

Fanatic Sky Free TE 2023 - 5'3

Our new Sky Free Team Edition was designed for riders looking for the easiest board to improve in wing foiling paired with the best technology, performance and weight out there.

Size: 5'3" lenght / 26" width / 95 litres

Ideal rider size: under 80kg


Duotone Foil Wing Slick 2023 5.0m

The 2023 Duotone Slick is our latest Freeride & Freestyle Wing featuring the Mini Boom - designed to enhance your flying experience with increased lift, power, and hang time. Super easy wing to fly and progress on!