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Hamboards Logger

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Nothing Else Like It in the World

Add a skate pole, and you’re done with your old skateboards and longboards. It’s over. If you think you’ve seen everything in surfskating, think again.

Be prepared for new friends and selfies with strangers when you step outside on this high-order board. 

Sleek Design and Superior Performance

Measuring 5 feet in length, this beautifully sculpted natural walnut board evokes images of Chris Craft’s heritage speed boats. The painted deck decorations are inspired by the iconic Birdwell Beach Britches Leg Stripes boardshorts.

The birch flex-deck brings surf dynamics, allowing you to snap the tail and carve at extreme angles, even at top speed, or weave through crowds with ease. This long, thin, and narrow deck is more stable than the Pinger but also twists and flexes like a snowboard deck. Try it once, and you’ll feel the difference immediately.

Whether you love cruising, carving, noseriding, or barrel rolls, prepare for the ultimate high. There are no barriers to entry, but expect to be noticed as a pro.

Why Pro Skaters and Surfers Love the Logger

The Logger features a 9-ply, 16mm hand-crafted Baltic birch deck with a natural walnut finish or custom heat transfer decoration on the top deck. The patented 200mm HST Carving trucks and massive 83mm cast polyurethane wheels provide a ride that is strikingly familiar to longboard surfers and longboard SUP surfers alike. This surfskate is a head-turning masterpiece.

Mounted on 24mm riser blocks, the patented 200mm HST carving trucks are cast from virgin aluminum and heat-treated for relentless durability. With a 40° pivot axis angle and 30° of board lean, they allow for ultimate rail-to-rail flow and extreme carving angles. Don’t be afraid of this board—lean in, it’s ready for you.

The gold springs provide 25 pounds of force against the wheels, allowing the Logger to glide over road imperfections like an off-road vehicle. These springs offer just enough snappy return to centre, truly mimicking the feel of surfing. On the road, Hamboards' signature chocolate brown 83mm cast polyurethane wheels are buttery smooth and kick out small rocks before you ride over them.

Hamboards Logger - Skymonster Watersports
Hamboards Logger - Skymonster Watersports
Hamboards Logger - Skymonster Watersports