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Hamboards Pinger

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Color Way

It’s how you connect to earth different from anyone else

Feel the Thrill Beyond Words and Imagination!

The Pinger is a sporty version of the Classic, designed for those who want to connect with nature in a whole new way. It's perfect for those eager to transform skating into a surfing experience.

Inspired by classic surfboards, the Pinger's minimalistic design is simple yet stunning. The deck, a torsion flex wing pintail, is crafted from natural bamboo or Baltic birch, providing the perfect balance of flexibility and stability.

Measuring an impressive 5ft 7in, the Pinger is the second largest in the Hamboards collection, capturing the essence of the surfboards that first conquered the Banzai Pipeline of North Shore Oahu.

Ideal for anyone looking to improve footwork, cross-stepping, and noseriding, the Pinger offers exceptional speed and turning leverage. The giant wheel wells prevent wheel bite, enabling carving at extreme angles.

Experience the Magic

The Pinger features a 19mm deck with aggressive lines. The patented 200mm HST Carving trucks, equipped with our strongest gold springs and massive 90mm cast polyurethane wheels, provide a ride remarkably similar to longboard surfing and SUP surfing. This surfskate is a head-turning masterpiece.

Like the Classic, this board will take you back to the surfline or help you master pop-ups, drop knee turns, toes over nose, cutbacks, bottom turns, and hanging heels. For SUP skating, the extra-long and wide deck allows for prone paddling, enabling arm switching without changing foot position.

The design pays homage to the early days of surfing, with a perfectly weighted, flexible deck that ensures comfortable yet aggressive cruise propulsion.

Mounted on 24mm riser blocks, the patented 200mm HST carving trucks are cast from virgin aluminum and heat-treated for durability. With a 40° pivot axis angle and 30° of board lean, they allow for ultimate rail-to-rail flow and extreme carving angles.

The gold springs provide 25 pounds of force against the wheels, allowing the Pinger to glide over road imperfections like an off-road vehicle. They offer a snappy return to center, truly mimicking the feel of surfing. The Hamboards signature 90mm cast polyurethane wheels are buttery smooth, effortlessly kicking out small rocks before you ride over them.

Hamboards Pinger - Skymonster Watersports
Hamboards Pinger - Skymonster Watersports
Hamboards Pinger - Skymonster Watersports
Hamboards Pinger - Skymonster Watersports