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Infinity Blackfish Flatdeck Team Elite Carbon

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Color – Silver/Purple

The highly anticipated Blackfish, now available from Infinity, stands as one of the most eagerly awaited boards ever created. Infinity consistently pushes the boundaries of all-around race design, and this latest iteration, crafted by renowned SUP designer Dave Boehne, blurs the lines between versatile performance and flat water speed.

The Blackfish debuts an entirely new construction, the Team Elite Carbon, in which the entire EPS foam core is encased in a PVC shell and then enveloped in carbon fiber. This innovative approach has led to the lightest and most durable Blackfish boards ever produced by Infinity. The result is a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio that stands out in the market. Infinity's commitment to quality is once again evident, taking excellence to new heights.

The Blackfish reigns as the supreme all-around performer, leaving an indelible mark on the industry by infusing original hybrid planning hull surf concepts into SUP race designs.

Year after year, this board has demonstrated its adaptability, securing multiple world titles, gold medals, victories in flatwater sprints and distances, as well as numerous triumphs in ocean and surf races across the globe. Piloted by some of the sport's finest athletes including Candice Appleby, Itzel Delgado, Juliette Duhaime, Tyler Bashor, Shae Foudy, Bernd Roediger, and Kai Lenny, the Blackfish's capabilities are unquestionable.

Unmatched in acceleration off the line, unwavering in all conditions, the Blackfish stands as the ultimate all-in-one board to conquer any challenge presented by Mother Nature.

The concept of the center channel, originated by Infinity in 2014 and now further developed with input from the SpeedFreaks team, has been adopted by many leading board manufacturers. Nevertheless, the Blackfish maintains its distinctiveness, boasting a complete redesign of the nose and bottom that takes its DNA to the next echelon.

The novel nose design marks a significant departure, the first since its inception. The nose's heightened profile and sharper entry create an assertive peak in the deck's contour, almost appearing inverted at first glance.

This alteration aims to optimise the board's efficiency, particularly in upwind conditions. The elevated, sharply contoured nose effectively "pierces" through swells while ensuring a smoother entry in flat water, translating into enhanced gliding over still waters. The outcome encompasses superior efficiency even while navigating choppy waters, combined with an exceptional flat water glide. The ability to tackle both situations with heightened efficiency? Confirmed.

The bottom showcases a planning hull hybrid, adaptable to a diverse range of conditions. Stability is masterfully crafted through the outline, with the bottom featuring a rolled hull framing a distinctive inverse vee panel. This design allows for a clean release off the flat tail exit behind the fin. The gently rounded hull moves fluidly through the water rather than causing resistance, facilitating rapid acceleration and uninhibited top sprint speeds. Comparisons to the action of a skipping stone are fitting; the Blackfish surges off the starting line.

This "flat deck" version remains true to its original design, featuring a flat style deck with a modest 1.5" depression. This configuration provides a secure footing and maximum width. Ideal for riders frequently transitioning between surf and flat water, seeking manoeuvrability, and desiring a straightforward paddling experience.

Whether your paddling adventures predominantly unfold in the ocean, a flat water setting with shifting seasons, or in various water conditions, the Blackfish from Infinity is your ready and dependable companion, delivering unparalleled stability and speed.

Infinity Blackfish - Recommended Rider Weights

  • 14' x 21.5" x 257L = 22.4lbs (10.16 kg) recommended MAX rider weight 165lbs / 75kg
  • 14' x 23" x 275L = 23lbs (10.43 kg) recommended MAX rider weight 200lbs / 90.7kg
  • 14' x 24.5" x 295L = 24.6lbs (11.15 kg) recommended MAX rider weight 220lbs / 99.7kg
  • 14' x 27" x 323L = 26lbs (11.79 kg) recommended MAX rider weight 240lbs / 108.8kg
Infinity Blackfish Flatdeck Team Elite Carbon - Skymonster Watersports
Infinity Blackfish Flatdeck Team Elite Carbon - Skymonster Watersports
Infinity Blackfish Flatdeck Team Elite Carbon - Skymonster Watersports