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Sku: infinity-rnb-sup
Vendor: Infinity

The new Infinity RNB has been designed for SUP surfers who are looking the smallest surf SUP board providing ample amount of stability. The shape of RNB makes is super fun in small waves but also to perform well in head-high to overheads.

The Infinity RNB is a prefect step-up SUP for surfers who have some experience on the longer or bigger boards but crave more performance. It's also one of our favourite boards to use when things get choppy and boards like the BLURRv2 or B-Line feel like too much to handle.

Availability: like all hard SUP's, the Infinity RNB is in a short supply. We have most sizes on order but please get in touch if you want to purchase one to discuss delivery options but also the correct size for yourself. Infinity boards run in slightly different weight vs size ratio so give us a shout for an advice.


The board construction is the new SUPspension Tech carbon/Innegra blended layup, which has huge benefits.

Using exclusive state of the art materials to achieve the best weight vs strength in the industry, we manipulate the flex of the board by strategically placing glass and carbon fiber to create loading and unloading of energy for unmatched performance. TWIST-COIL-SPRING. Feel the difference.

  • Military grade BIAX carbon fibre
  • Ultra high density foam
  • Multi layer fibreglass wrapping
  • Ultra light CNC EPS foam
  • Unidirectional carbon fibre stringers
  • Colour tint


Length Width Volume
7’1” 24” 72.3 L
7’4” 25” 78 L
7’11” 28” 87.5 L
8’2” 29” 115 L
8’2” 30” 125 L
8’5” 31” 133.5 L
8’8” 32” 142 L